• Posted :   Aug 12th, 2009

    Dressing for different places is different and one who has dressing sense wins respect everywhere. If you go to a religious ceremony wearing short dress, people will throw bad glance at you. Instead of it if you wear long dress covering you fully for a religious ceremony people will say this is actually what manners is. Thus right dress at right place is must to wear.

    Here we will discuss about dressing tips for interview, which many people take casually. Many women think they can wear anything to interview but this notion is very wrong. Read the tips below to be in style as well display decency in your clothing for interview.

    * Perfume should not smell strong.

    * Make sure you wear proper business shoes not fancy ones and matching socks. Shoes should be cleaned from all sides.

    * Many women go in casual dressing for interview but this is not the way to go. Dressing up in a businesslike manner is the appropriate way.

    * Business suit is best to wear even if you are not comfortable with it. Keep color scheme neutral. Avoid bright flashy colors as if you are going in a party.

    * Avoid jewelry as much you can. If you wear earrings to an interview it should be small, tasteful and conservative ones; avoid those that dangle and swing.

    * Keep makeup to the minimal. Do not apply sparkles to your hair or face, or anywhere else on the body. In short, a void heavy makeup as you have come for interview not for walking on ramp.

    *Style your hair tastefully or have it professionally done.

    * But everything will go in vain if you display poor personal hygiene. For that keep your teeth clean, nail trimmed etc.

    * Women are especially advised not to wear sexy clothing for interview. It only happens in fantasy world that where sexy clothes are preferred but in real life employer want their employee to be decent.

    * At last, always keep smile on your face. It will show you are relaxed.
    Dressing plays great supporting role for interview and also helps in creating a fabulous impression. For boosting confidence also it is must.

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