• Posted :   Oct 8th, 2009

    v-nakeline-dressGone are the days when women’s mood used to get off thinking of their broad shoulders. Today it’s just opposite; women broaden their shoulders with shoulder pads. In present time broad shoulders are considered a great style. But in fashion world main show of anything comes with right clothes, until you wear right clothes no asset can be enhanced and no flaw can be camouflaged.

    For enhancing broad shoulders also there are certain dress styles. Below are given some dress styles that should be incorporated in dressing and some which should be avoided by broad shouldered women for a graceful look.

    Broad shoulder women should avoid wearing light weight fabric clothes. They add to the broadness of shoulders.

    Dresses having pads on shoulders should be avoided. It is for those with lean shoulders. Women who already have broad shoulders, padded dresses look displeasing on them. Thus completely avert shoulder pads dresses.

    V-neckline dresses greatly make attractive the look of broad shouldered women.

    Wrap dresses are fantastic choice for women with broad shoulders.

    Dresses having large floral print design on it add more drama to appearance.

    Square and boat neckline dresses are not for you as you already have broad shoulders and these necklines simply add to broadness. Thus avoid them. Instead opt for scoop neckline dresses. They look amazing on you.

    Halter dresses, thin spaghetti straps dresses and strapless dresses are highly restricted for broad shouldered women as their skin bulges out in them and gives a tangy look. Dresses which are restricted for broad shouldered women are for their benefit only. And moreover fashion can be portrayed in various forms.

    Silk fabric dresses look awesome on you. They impart smoothening to the silhouette.

    If you like detailing make sure it is not on shoulder part. Your shoulders are already fuller and any kind of detailing over them simple add broader look to it. Therefore broad shouldered women should not opt for the dress having details on shoulders.

    Empire waist dresses should be averted by broad shouldered women. These dresses lessen the tummy area but at the cost of shoulders. Hence stay away from them.

    Proper fitting clothes add great elegance to your looks. Opt for them. They make you comfortable, impart stylish look and enhance visual aspect. Do not go for tight clothes or loose fitting clothes as both bulges out part you do not want others to see.

    Avoid puffed sleeves, gathers, detail work such as beading around the neck or shoulder area.

    Wear dark colors on top or entire dark color dress will also do. Light colors bring attention to unwanted parts.

    Wear hairstyle that goes well with your silhouette. Consult hair stylist for that. Short hair is not a good choice for broad shouldered women.

    Everyone should dress up according to what suits them. Broad shoulders are certainly no more a flaw but if not properly dressed up can look like a flaw. Thence following these tips become a necessity. Make your broad shoulders look attractive and showcase femininity. And remember broad shoulders are asset not a flaw.

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