• Posted :   Nov 5th, 2009

    mini-black-dressGrooming for event is one of the main tasks in women dictionary. And in entire dressing ensemble dress is the most significant thing she has to be clear on first. Everything else like shoes, jewelry, accessories, hairstyle etc. depends on it as they have to be complementary to outfit.

    Right now around the corner is Christmas. Christmas is one of the most important occasions everyone celebrates with much gaiety and fun. Women wait for it much eagerly as it brings with it various parties. Christmas is also recognized as party time. Various types of invitation cards are seen making which stands for formal parties, informal parties, and casual party’s etc. But the major concern for every woman is ‘what to wear’?

    As date of Christmas is drawing near and near worry of what to wear is also taking speed. Everyone wants to dress up as per the latest fashion. To solve this dilemma, below are mentioned some ideas on dresses for the Christmas party. Mainly there are two types of parties that take place in Christmas, first formal party and second casual party. Dresses cited below tells what to wear on each. Let’s have a look at them.

    Christmas dresses for formal party

    Black dress is one all time favorite attire and can be worn to any occasion. For formal Christmas party black dress is one perfect solution. In formal parties its essence increases all the way more. It never goes out of fashion, and looks good on everyone.

    Halter dress is one of the best options for formal Christmas party. Color can be gold or silver but should suit formal party environ.

    Beaded dress is also a fair choice for formal Christmas party. Fabric should be silk as read essence of beads come out in silk only.

    You can also go wearing a knee-length skirt, with a beaded cardigan. It gives formal look as well funky also.

    In formal parties light color dresses greatly enhances show. It includes pink, lilac, peach, light blue, light green, light browns etc. These colors are much in vogue for formal parties. On the other hand dark colors look gaudy and inappropriate.

    Christmas dresses for casual party

    If invitation is of casual Christmas party then pairing denim jeans with a silk camisole is a very good option. It will give you fashionable look being casual.

    Bejeweled trendy style tops like halter neck, one shoulder, thin straps with jeans are also ideal choice for Christmas casual parties.

    Teaming tunics with jeans also make you look casual yet stylish.

    Capri’s are another very good option. Team them with a sleeveless turtleneck top and you will rock the casual party.

    Cocktail dresses make great entrance in casual parties. They are elegant and funky and perfectly complement spirit of casual party.

    Groom you with above fabulous dress options for Christmas party depending on party type and look queen of the party.

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