• Posted :   Apr 14th, 2011

    A job interview is extremely important in any woman’s life. You are hoping to impress the interviewer while simultaneously not looking too needy or desperate. Of course you have gone through Google and checked out how to sit, stand, and walk and when to speak but have you ever considered how to dress? Your visual impact creates a 50% impression on the interviewer’s mind.


    It’s very important even for yourself to dress well for an interview. When you are confident about the way you look, it shows in your body language and positive body language is extremely essential when it comes to an interview.

    Here are a few tips to look cool, calm and confident for your coveted job interview:

    1. Never wear soiled clothes. Stains of any kind make you look shabby and do not create a good impression.

    2.Always iron out your clothes. Creases and crinkles make for a rather shabby appearance and give off the impression of laziness.

    3. Beware about wearing dresses that crinkle easily. You may look fantastic when you set out but the crinkles and creases may attack your dress making you look worse than a shar-pei.

    4.A golden rule to remember is about skin show or rather the lack of it. Never wear a shot hem lined dress or something which shows too much cleavage. Avoid tight fitting clothes as well. If you really want to opt for a body hugging item, go for a forma pencil skirt with a knee length or below hemline.

    5.Solid colors often make the best impression. Remember to combine the outfit with sensible accessories and not high strappy heels.

    6.The most important thing to remember is to go light on the makeup. Do not overdo it with the color or paint.

    7.Always always make sure that you are comfortable in what you wear. Comfort is of essence at an interview. When you are uncomfortable it makes you fidgety and that could give off the wrong impression to a potential employer.

    Remember – appearances matter! You may be over qualified for a job position but the way you portray, look and carry yourself makes a huge difference!

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