• Posted :   Sep 22nd, 2009


    There is no figure flaw which cannot be hide by dress similarly cosmetic world has also left no stone unturned to remove any skin flaw. Whether it is pimple, scar, burn or anything all skin problems can be sorted out with cosmetics.

    With polishing off skin flaws they also make skin smooth and graceful. Here we will discuss about the most common problem that woman on general basis across i.e. pimples. Pimples can appear any time on the skin especially on face as it is the exposed part of the body. In case of pimples appearing on face if you have to attend party then certainly it will worry you. But now no more worries. Concealer and a Foundation are best bet to get rid of them. With hiding the pimples, they also make your skin smooth. For different skin tones different concealers and foundations are made. Thus do not just pick any one. Read below for knowing how to pick right foundation and concealer.

    * First know your skin type and look for concealer and foundation made for it.

    * Oily skin women should opt for water based or oil free foundations and concealers. On the contrary for dry skinned women oil-based foundations and concealers are best.

    * Foundations with yellow tinge look good on all skin tones. Though if you are very fair go for pink shades foundations.

    * For selecting the best foundation and concealer you can also do a test before. Pat a few drops of each color foundation on your jaw line and choose the one that best matches with your skin.

    * Always check the foundation and concealer in sunlight, as tube lights and bulbs can be deceptive.

    These pointers are of great help in finding the right foundation and concealer. But this is not the end. If you apply them wrongly it is equal to applying wrong foundation and concealer. You should know how to apply them for enhanced look.

    * First of all wash your face properly and then wipe out.

    * Most important thing is always apply the concealer before the foundation.

    * Take the concealer in hand and apply over pimples. Do not rub, instead gently spread it.

    * Then apply dots of foundation on cheeks, chin, forehead and tip of the nose. Merge all dots together and rub all over the face gently.

    * Finally to give matter finishes apply light powder and make sure that the foundation sticks.

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