• Posted :   Feb 8th, 2012

    plus-size-dresses2 Don’t be upset or pity on yourself for being plum. We bring you a reason to rejoice and celebrate the ravishing curves of yours. If selected properly even the plum people can wear and look spectacular in all kinds of attire that they earlier hesitated to put on. Here are some chic, plus sized clothing options that can aesthetically hide your flab making you look stunning.

    To be in fashion and not make a fashion faux pas, select the clothes smartly. Do not just go for a particular design just because you liked it or because it hides the flab around your waist, as it is loose. Because of the loose structure, it can look like you are draped in a bed sheet. So go for properly fitting dresses, neither too loose nor too tight. Layering the garment is the key to hide the extra flab thereby enhancing the curves. As far as possible stick to long tops, that end just under the butt or tunics that end a few inches above the knee. These tops can be layered with long sleeves or even side patterned with short or 3/4th sleeves.

    Fill your wardrobe with stunning clothes for all the occasions, as you do not want to take chances with the dressing at the last moment. You should possess at least 2 to 3 perfect plus size party dresses for those Saturday nights with friends. Office wear should be very aesthetic and sober in looks as you will be in a formal environment. As far as casual wear goes, jeans and t-shirts are a very good option. The jeans should be of proper size, if your jeans tend to gap at the back, consider getting it altered a bit from a tailor. Skinny fit jeans are a strict no-no for this body type as they make your hip look broader. Hence, Stick to boot cut or straight bottom jeans, they make your legs look shapely. In t-shirts go for a V-neck tee, avoid the round necks that tend to hug your neck and make you look snugly and short. Another option for casual wear is knee length dresses. These dresses end just above or on the knee and make a plus sized women look cute yet add sexy quotient to it. Cotton is the most preferred fabric for short dresses. They come in various colors and patterns. Floral prints are in fashion this season. Short dresses come in both small and large prints. Plus-sized women should prefer small prints and ditch the larger ones because large prints tend to add more weight to your frame.

    And finally, do not forget to accessorize. The accessories compliment your attire and make you look different from the crowd. Minimal is the key here, don’t overdo the accessories. Select a proper pair of shoes to match the outfit and you’re good to go!

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