• Posted :   Aug 18th, 2011

    A lady always thinks of the kind of dress she wants to wear to a party, but never really puts and effort into the accessories. Picking any random bag for a dress is not a justified act by any fashion enthusiast. A dress however beautiful it is looks good only if worn with a bag and carried off nicely. Bags really help in completing a certain look. Now imagine carrying a two-sided bag or a backpack to a prom night. What a fashion blooper it would be, isn’t it?

    During summers, one can carry side bags that are light in weight. Shades can be kept bright and sunny just like the season. Considering many ladies lighter shade dresses, clutches or side bags will look really pretty. In addition to all this these bright colored clutches or side bags look really charming and apt for any party-whether a cocktail party or a prom night. These handbags or clutches blend with every occasion.

    If you get any party invitations during winters, you can always use dark colored bags in a handbag or again a long clutch. If you are planning to shake a leg at the party, a small clutch works the best. Meanwhile if you are planning to stick around the bar and grab some drinks, you can carry a fashionable handbag that is huge and noticeable.

    Women these days are following the latest trends in office going handbags. They are available in various colors and styles. The most fascinating ones are the lemon color office going handbags which can be easily combined with the formal office attire and at the same time they look trendy and stylish. And yes ,bags should be stylish even if it is to work.

    Another important thing is, if you have worn a ball gown and walk around with a handbag, trust no one would even look back at you. Because a ball gown is all about elegance and class. So what suits the best with dresses like these, are clutches. Stone studded clutches look really good.

    You also get girly clutches with bows and polka dots on it. They look very feminine and will suit any type of evening dresses. If you have a picked up a leather skirt with a tee-shirt, you can always wear a long side bag. It looks sporty and smart.

    Complete a look with a wisely chosen bag and spread you aura.


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