• Posted :   Aug 22nd, 2011

    Summer season is the season to enjoy and have fun, make frequent beach trips and get that perfect sun tan. Summer along with freedom and glorious visions brings happiness and lightness in our lives. During the hot summer months you need to take extra care of your skin and hair. Here are a few guidelines that will help you get through this month in style.

    Summer Skin Care: -

    Do not lock yourself inside your house this summer; enjoy the summer heat in style with these amazing tips.

    Sunscreen: – This is a must have weapon for summer. Apply a good quality sunscreen on your face and hands to protect you from UVA and UVB harmful rays of the sun. Always select a sunscreen which specifies UVA and UVB rays’ protection. Sunscreens with SPF 30 or SPF 15 are good options.

    Water:- Drink lots of water during summers and eat fresh fruits this will help you keep your hydration point to normal and you will not feel dehydrated.

    Protective Clothing: – During summers it is important that your wear light weight and light color clothing to get into summer fashion. Cover your arms whenever you can during summers or use sunscreens for protective covering.

    Avoid going out during 10 am to 4pm as this is time when sun rays are the strongest.

    Hair Care during Summer: -

    Some women have the worst time taking care of their hair during summer. They try these hair care  tips

    Give your tresses a break: – Avoid suing shampoo regularly during summers and let your tresses absorb the natural oil hat is formed on your scalp. To avoid super dry tresses during summer opt for conditioners and mild shampoos.

    Go natural in summer as during summers the hairs are actually moisture depressed. Avoid using chemicals such as hair colors, bleaches etc.

    Head scarves and hats are a good option during summer and they also add style to your summer wardrobe. If you are not comfortable wearing any of these, then umbrella is definitely recommended.

    Have fun this summer and take care of yourself…..

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