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  • Posted :   Feb 28th, 2012

    Classy prom dressA perfect outfit when worn in a party can really make a lot of difference to your personality. One such is the cocktail dress which has carved a niche in the fashion scenario that showcases the appeal of a woman in the best possible way. A normal cocktail dress is ideal for both casual and formal get together where the outfit may reach up to the knees or even can be longer than that. You can even opt for strapless cocktail dress, sleeveless one with classy necklines that blends perfectly with your body type.

    Floral prints with solid colors look alluring whereas black is accepted across the world for cocktail dresses. Most of these dresses are plain in color where you can match it with jewel stones, handbags and other accessories for a more appealing look. The right pair of shoes that is the center point would do wonders that will surely make you stand in the crowd. A beautiful cowl necked sequined cocktail dress with hanging pattern would be appropriate for a big cocktail gathering whereas a knee length spaghetti strapped cocktail gown will do complete justice to your looks.

    Cocktail dresses have its own diverse lure when it’s the talk of making fashion choices. These are suitable for any kind of occasion and bring another effect on the appearance of the wearer when complimented with beautiful and accessories.

    Accessorizing it

    Pearl Jewelry

    Pearl jewelry is known for its amiable elegance and timeless beauty; which is why women get attracted to this stunning piece of ornament that brings out the best in a woman. These are found in few types like genuine natural pearls, glass, faux and cultivated pearls. These are always in fashion and look best when blended with a cocktail dress.

    Crystal jewelry

    Crystal jewelry is known for its much admired numinous properties and its versatility that acts as an eye opener for everyone who can enjoy the benefits in numerous ways. Crystal jewelry comes in black hues to blood red shades, form semi transparent white and aquamarine green to light purple touch. You also have swarvoski crystal beads that come in misty and bolder looks where you can find one fascinating feature that is it changes the color from pink to gray and green that relies on the angle of the amount of light reflected.

    A woman has to work on every aspect of her body where a beautiful piece of cocktail dress would make her appear more elegant. This striking piece of dress is simply outstanding from the front and at the back with fine straps.

  • Posted :   Oct 31st, 2011

    Rome film festival this year was a highly star-studded event. Every small activity from awards to delegation or even photo calls; everything was covered by the paparazzi. They didn’t miss out on anything. Mostly ordinary people watch such events to look out for every celebrity and just to see what’s latest and what’s new in trend. This is one way for everyone to remain fashionably updated.

    Let’s take a close look at a few celebrities.

    Maggie Gyllenhaal looked absolutely stunning in her long gown that had a combination of ivory and white shades. She has never looked so innocent. Her gown has a halter ruffled neckline that runs behind to form a U. Her dress has a pleated and slightly ruched looked and it is floor touching. She looked dazzling with a high made bun and big white loops as earrings.

    Penelope Cruz one of the cutest stars of Hollywood looked cute as usual. But her dressing style always being distinct this time too she wore something very different and unusual. She did not go for the typical dress or gown. Instead she chose to wear typical formal attire. She wore a formal black color pant with a black color jacket over a nice white shirt. The jacket had front pockets and buttons at the end of the jacket. A black color shoes and a fully buttoned up shirt enhanced her look further. She left her hair open with very minimal make-up and no accessories. She looked the best in the crowd among all the other celebrities.

    Nikki Reed another celebrity who is also a newlywed looked very charming. Her face shined and glowed throughout the event. She wore a short black color dress. The dress had an embroidered neckline with three fourth sleeves.  The beadwork done looked very beautiful. To finish her look she wore black color peep toes with very high heels and for accessories she just wore finger rings. Her hair and make-up were kept simple too. She rocked in terms of fashion with her simplicity and elegance.


    All these celebrities enjoyed every moment of the film festival with paparazzi clicking them away.

  • Posted :   Oct 24th, 2011

    Everybody knows that celebrities can go to any lengths to remain fashionably updated. There are so many out there who hardly care and worry about their age. In fact many of the take it in their stride and make the most of it. And why should anyone even bother. Age doesn’t or shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone from looking good and in vogue.

    Let’s take a look at few celebrities who look 10 times younger to their age. They are almost in their 40s but trust me no one would agree.

    Demi Moore-well she has been spoken and written about a million times. But every time is feels like we have done no justice to her. The best part about her is that everything she chooses has to be young including her boyfriends. She once wore a pink color dress that was short in length and tight fitting. The dress has high neckline with embroidery on her dress and the back had frills and ruffles with a opening at the back. The color and the style of the dress are what a 20-something girl would choose. However she looked the best.

    Sandra Bullock is one such actress who looks way younger to her age. She is 40+, but who would believe. Nobody would. Her ways of looking young are her choice of dresse4s. She picks up dresses that don’t speak her age. In one occasion she chose to wear a stunning red color strapless dress. The dress had an improvised sweetheart neckline and a body hugging silhouette. Because she has a well maintained body, she did look flawless. Right from her make-up to her accessories, everything looked so good and young on her.
    These celebs are definitely an inspiration to may fashion enthusiasts. Especially to those ladies who always worry and fret about their age, take a cue from these celebrities and look the best an d even better than the younger ones. Make the most of your age and pick something that would suit your body and face equally. Keep people guessing about your age.

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