• Posted :   Mar 31st, 2011

    dress shoppingFeeling low? Put out? No matter what the top psychiatrists of the world say nothing puts a smile on your face the way a shopping spree does. If you need an ego boost, step one is to feel better about yourself and a great way to feel good about yourself is to dress up well. So huddle up with your favorite group of girls and head to explore the shops and buy yourself that one perfect dress that makes you look gorgeous.

    Remember, the shopping trip is about you. So the first thing you need to do is decide what outfit makes you smile. It could be that gorgeous pair of jeans that highlights your beautiful slim legs or it could be that leather jacket that makes you feel all warm and snugly. If you’re confused about what and how to purchase, I suggest go for a gorgeous dress! It will make you feel fantastically feminine and utterly gorgeous.

    Keep in mind that you are heading out to feel better about yourself so leave all your body worries at home. Revel in the glories of shopping. Pick out that bright green disco diva dress if it makes you smile. If ruffles and feathers make you feel better, just go ahead and buy it. Pamper yourself! Life is too short to remain unhappy. Live it up to the fullest!

    There are so many choices out there from glitter to pleats to embroidery to bead work. Just choose something that will be your therapy. Once you’ve picked out that perfect dress go and get yourself some funky accessories with it. Let your mind wander with the possibilities. Do something unique, something different that you may not have tried before like a karaoke bar! Get your mind off anything that makes you droopy.

    If karaoke is not your thing, then have a party at home. Dress up for it. When people compliment you, believe it or not, you are going to feel better. Everything becomes easier to cope with when you have best friends to share it with! Gorge on ice cream or cry it out or just head out there and look stunningly beautiful! It’s all about choice and you should choose to be happy!

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