• Posted :   Jun 21st, 2011

    So you’ve decided on your big day. The day you’ve always dreamed of – your very own big white wedding. You need to go step by step for your big wedding day. Here is a step by step make up guide for your big day:

    12 months prior:
    Start getting monthly manicures. Everyone will be looking at your ring finger. Invest in some cuticle oil and hand cream for maintenance.

    11 months prior:
    Begin a regular fitness routine. Hire yourself a trainer, at least for the initial few sessions, to set up a solid regimen.
    Eat healthier and drink at least six glasses of water per day.

    8 months prior:
    It’s time to go wedding gown shopping. Select a wedding dress that suits your body and matches your personality – something that you are comfortable in.

    6 months prior:
    Book an appointment with your dermatologist to assess your skin and figure out a treatment plan. If you’re worried about breakouts or oily skin, start a product regiment now and stick to it (you’ll likely see results in about two weeks).

    5 months prior:
    It’s time to do your research. Start looking out for wedding makeup artists and hairstylists. Print out photos of your favorite hairstyles and makeup looks that compliment your wedding dress.

    4 months prior:
    Start using intensive lip treatment nightly to keep lips soft and smooth. Also, start going shopping for your shoes and accessories to match your grand wedding gown.

    3 months prior:
    Book and attend a hair trial (bring your headpiece and a photo of your wedding dress). It’s better of your can try out the wedding gown. Create a plan. Let your stylist know what you have in mind.

    2 months prior:
    If you want your bridesmaids to do their makeup or hair a certain way, let them know now. They can prepare themselves.

    1 month prior:
    Get a deep-cleansing facial. Any cosmetic procedures should be completed by now.

    2 weeks prior:
    Get your hair trimmed, colored etc.

    2 days prior:
    Book for yourself a nice full body massage to relax. Get your final manicure and pedicure

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