• Posted :   Sep 1st, 2009


    Every part of the body has accessory to beautify it. Similarly beauty of hands enhances with bracelets. Bracelets are fun accessory that greatly add charm to a well manicured hands. This fashion comes in variety of forms for calling attention to the wrists and hands. Let’s see:

    Chunky Bracelets

    Chunky bracelets are popular amongst all for their appealing nature. Even many celebrities and models are spotted wearing them on the runways. They have metal embellishments over them. Gold and Silver colors are more admired. They are show of various occasions but not appropriate to be worn at work place or offices as they are quite heavy.

    Cuff bracelets

    Cuff bracelets are another famous style in bracelets. They are great for making dramatic fashion statement. They are also heavily embellished like chunky bracelets with metals and studs. They come in narrow and broad forms both.

    Lucite Bracelets

    Lucite bracelets are third most popular version of bracelets for women. Appearance gets a great boost with them. They come in variety of bold and brilliant colors like green, red, blue, orange, gold, silver, purple, black, white, maroon etc. It features stripes, patterns and crystals. Lucite bracelets may be transparent or opaque. These bracelets are very versatile and well coordinate with any outfit and can be worn at any time of the day. They are simple as well as metal studded, thus apt for getting into any appearance. These stylish bracelets give you lots of options for mix and match.

    These are three popular types of bracelets. Get a lot of class and great style by donning them. Their beauty is so alluring to get unnoticed. Also they enhance the feminine mystique and graceful features of a woman’s arm with their amazing artistry. Have a great fashion fun with these bracelets.

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