• Posted :   Jul 2nd, 2009

    blackhead-removalBlackheads are very common to both men and women. But mostly women are seen as its victim. Generally they appear on nose, under the eyes and chin. They can occur on any skin type but largely on oily skin. They look very bad and take away the show of the face. If not cured on time can spread all over the face.

    As per the name they are tiny black dots occurs due to excess deposition of oil (by sebaceous glands which produce sebum), dead skin, dust, bacteria, and other impurities.

    Other reasons that cause blackheads are puberty, using oily creams, humidity and stress. They easily react with atmospheric oxygen, which as a result turns into black color. Blackheads clogs skin pores.

    There are few home remedies that if followed will never let blackheads appear on your face. For example, go into the fresh air, take sun bath, leave a stress-free life, drinking enough water, drink herbal tea, take dairy products, drink juices, do not eat junk foods, do exercise, yoga etc. They don’t only prevent you from blackheads but also maintains your health.

    Apart from home remedies there is proper treatment also for blackheads. Here are they:

    Treatment for blackheads

    • Always use oil free creams, mild soaps and cleansers for keeping the skin surface clean and oil free. Dirty and oily skin offers great platform to blackheads, thus be away from them.
    • Everyone has different skin, thus proper knowledge about your skin care and medication under experienced doctors brings effective results and keeps you blackheads free.
    • Herbal products are very good for skin as they are not oil based.
    • Many think squeezing the blackheads removes them. Never do so as it causes skin infection.
    • Medicated blackheads removal strips are available in the market and are very effective also. But read all the instructions carefully before applying them.
    • Let your skin breathe by applying minimum makeup. Much make up clog the pores which later by reacting with oxygen turn into blackheads.
    • Use natural face scrub for removing dead skins.
    • Wash face with warm water as it opens the skin pores.
    • Clean skin never let blackheads occur. Thus everyday take bath.
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