• Posted :   Oct 29th, 2009

    eye_lashesBeauty is what every woman looks for. They do various efforts for achieving it. Face, eyes, hands, neck, legs etc. all areas they beautify to the best possible manner. Eyes are first feature that come into notice. Thus women give them much consideration. And eyelashes are their main part and complements beauty further.

    Beautiful eyelashes help a lot in making appearance dramatic. Long eyelashes are great representation of beauty. Some have long eyelashes naturally while those who do not have make them look long by artificial means. But you can hardly find out artificial eyelashes. For knowing how to make eyelashes longer read the article below:

    For eyelashes look longer first step is to choose the right kind of mascara. Right mascara can make all the difference in your looks and make eyelashes look longer. There are different types of mascara like liquid mascaras and water proof mascaras. Choose what suits you.

    For longer lashes get lengthening mascaras. It gives a beautiful curling effect to your eyelashes.

    Giving base to lashes before applying mascara gives support to mascara to remain for longer time. It is not mandatory but good if applied. Base means to apply clear mascara first, and then apply your chosen color mascara over that base, when first one dries out completely.
    Instead of clear mascara you can also apply a light layer of powder onto your lashes and then apply colored mascara.
    Curling eyelashes is also a great way to make lashes look longer. They impart spectacular look to eyes. But do curling before applying mascara.
    Conditioner is also available for lashes nowadays which lend them longer and beautiful look. It is so because lashes are made of hairs only and conditioner makes them look soft and beautiful.
    Eyelash extensions are the new rage towards making lashes look longer. It is a beautiful, natural way to enhance your lashes.
    One of the easiest ways to make lashes look longer without following the above strategies is to get false eyelashes. False eyelashes are an easy and inexpensive way to lengthen your lashes but do have proper knowledge of applying them properly. Choose required length of false eyelashes you want and color that suits you.

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