• Posted :   Sep 14th, 2010


    Every woman longs for a flawless skin. A beautiful smooth skin is on the wish list of every contemporary woman. It may seem impossible to attain a clear blemish free skin, especially if you are a career oriented woman who has to meet the stressful demands of her workplace, commute daily and manage her home at the same time. A little bit of consistency and discipline is all you need to attain a pretty smooth skin; which you have probably seen only in advertisements and movies.
    These three steps are a must in your beauty regime;


    After a hard days work cleansing your skin and removing all the dust and bacteria that has settled onto your skin is very important. There are various options to choose from depending on your skin type. You can purchase cleansing lotion that is appropriate for your skin or can try cleansing it with milk which is sure to make you look fresh and clean. Aloe Vera based cleansers or cleansers with tea tree oil are good for oily skin and can help get you rid of marks and blemishes gradually.


    Toning is a process that helps restore the natural pH level of the skin. Tomato and cucumber juice are natural toners and can be applied for attaining that daily glow. Even aloe Vera based toners are good for all skin types.


    To regain the lost moisture it’s imperative to follow this third step. If you have an oily skin, go for an oil free moisturizer that will help with the instant glow on your face. Apply the moisturizer with clean hands using a gentle upward motion.

    Other tips that will help you keep those zits away from your face;

    • Exercise regularly- it helps in body circulation and helps have a natural glow on your face. If you are a workaholic, try to keep yourself active by taking the stairs or taking short walks during your break time. A sedentary lifestyle is not very good for your skin and shouldn’t become a habit in the long run.
    • A well balanced diet is hard to follow but just following a few imperatives like staying away from junk and oily food is going to prove to be a very healthy option for your skin. If there’s a festival around the corner and you have already messed up your regime; compensate by having a disciplined diet the next day.
    • Make it a point to clean your skin and remove the oil and dirt if you have an excessively oily skin.
    • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking etc for getting rid of acne.
    • Get a clean up done every once in a month if you have an extremely oily skin. It will help you get rid of black and white heads on your skin. Oily skin is usually prone to such problems and one should take utmost care for achieving a smooth skin.
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