• Posted :   Jul 25th, 2011

    Beauty and make up is not cartel for younger women only. It is actually at middle age you need to make up. The make up for middle age women should be soft and sophisticated; always be careful about the color choice the point here is to look classy and not flashy.

    Make up tells all about women, her class, and her age etc. Always use classy and light make up to look elegant.

    Make up is an art…so let’s give you some tips that will help you achieve that class you have been looking for

    1. A skin cleanser with alpha hydroxyl acid helps to remove dead cells that form easily as you grow older. This will help revive your skin and make it look younger.
    2. A very important product called retinol should be present in night moisturizers as it not only helps build collagen but makes your skin look younger.
    3. Do not forget your sunscreen during day; as you need to be more careful with your skin as compared to teens. A spf 30 with peptides is a good option. Protection from harmful sun rays is very important.

    The above tip w3ill help you take care of your skin and will rejuvenate it; so that you look classier when you put on some make up. Let’s take a looks at some fashion tips for older women : –

    1. Eyebrows: – As you grow older, the eyebrows become scantier and maybe even the original color may fade. Use powder for more definition and use pencil or gel to make them look denser. Use a shade similar to your natural color.

    2. Eyes: – Curling your eyelashes is good option as this enhances your beauty; using nude or neutral colors is a good option. It is always better to go for mild shades as compared to the wild ones.

    3. Face: – Avoid heavy foundations and go for foundations which have moisturizers as it will help you nourish your dry face. Lighter shade is a good option. Use non frosted powder below the neck to hide that saggy neck.

    4. Lips: – I know you tend to get a little parched by now, Make your lips look young and fresh. Usage of foundation near the lip line is a good practice. Opt for graceful shades that match with your make up and with your dress.

    Never overdo your make; always make it look classy and see to it that it matches your attire and age. Follow these older women tips  and look much younger than you are.

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