• Posted :   Jun 23rd, 2009

    beauty-tipsChange of beauty regime with season is must for glowing look. Also it brings along the new fashion. Right now its summer time and mercury is very high, skin and body reacts differently than it does in cold weather. Thus it’s important to change beauty habits with respect to skin, make-up and hairs etc to keep looking healthy and fabulous. Here are given some general summer beauty tips that will give beautiful glow to the body in high temperature and help to cope up with the scorching summer heat.

    In summers skin needs very less moisture in comparison to winters due to high humidity. Thus flip to a lighter moisturizer to avoid excessive moisture on the skin.

    Remove dry skin and calluses from the feet and keep them in top-notch shape. Pedicure is another method to clean them. It is to nicely show off feet in a pair of strappy sandals.

    Drink plenty of water. It is one of the vital sources to beautiful skin. During summers body looses much water through sweat, thus it’s must to restore your fluids. Always keep a bottle of water with you always.

    Protect skin from harmful UV sun rays, else you will age prematurely. Apply a sunscreen lotion over exposed areas of the body when outdoors.

    Mosquitoes and Germs are very common in summers mainly in the evening and early morning hours.  They bite and cause sprouts on the skin. Thus always use bug repellant for protection.

    Applying powder is more beneficial than foundation in summers because foundation melts under the hot sun.

    Use waterproof mascara in order to avoid melting of mascara over your eyes.

    At least once in a week do deep conditioning to hairs in order to keep them soft under the effect of sun.

    Enjoy summers with good looks and great relaxation. Do not let beauty issues dampen your spirits. The above tips will help to flaunt a beautiful skin in summer days. Take a little care and have loads of fun.

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