• Posted :   Jan 12th, 2011


    Being a teenager is so not easy! We’ve got all our new found emotions and feelings to cope with plus the joy of our parents not understanding us and then even more joyously we have to deal with the changes in our body and skin and apparently we are supposed to have it easy!!!! We should be given an award for even making an attempt to look great everyday.

    All the changes in our body take a toll and for some strange reason seem to find an outlet in our skin! So here are a few do’s and don’ts of make up and looking good that I think every teen should know. (Why is all this not taught in school??)


    Foundation is a definite no-no for a teenager. Foundation is for women above 35 to cover wrinkles and dark spots created by age. If you want to cover up acne use a concealer followed by powder or tinted moisturizer. Tip: Always pat the concealer into your skin rather than rubbing it.


    In an attempt to dress up, a common folly is to overdo the makeup with deep eye shadow and bright lipstick. STOP! Accentuate only one feature. If you’re highlighting your eyes, then never ever overdo your lips. If you really want to apply something to your lips you can opt for a nude shade or just simple gloss will do. Tip: Your lip liner should always match your lipstick. Lips look really horrible when they are outlined with a dark shade and have a contrasting shade inside. Lip liners are meant to define lips and not outline them!

    Color your hair!

    While nothing can ever compromise natural hair, always opt for fun highlights that match your skin, eyes and look as natural as possible.


    Vaseline is worth its weight in gold just because of the number of benefits it reaps! Its not only a superb but also a fabulous eye makeup remover. Of course, its perfect to soften those dry, cracked lips and did you know that it’s a great mascara too. Just use a little Vaseline on you eyelashes to highlight them!


    Don’t listen to anyone. Do not go even consider make up tips to cure it or home remedies. The best and the most effective way of solving acne is to visit a dermatologist. It may fall on the pricier side, but believe me, it’s a one time solution!

    Test your makeup:

    Rule no 1 of purchasing beauty products: Always test it. Just because it looks awesome on your friend does not mean that it will suit you.


    Always always apply a good sunscreen lotion. Come sun, come rain or come shine! If you want healthy and great skin even at the age of 60, follow my advice.

    Nail care:

    It’s fine if you’re not into manicures and pedicures. My mom doesn’t believe in them and her fingers and toes glow more than most people who visit a nail spa 4 times a month. The key to good nails is healthy nails. Keep you nails clean, well cut and shaped. Do not over grow your toe nails. They look horrible. Chipped nail polish is another turn off. Always use a good branded nail polish to avoid the yellowing of your nails.

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