• Posted :   Nov 25th, 2009

    mysterious_girlMysterious means which is not easy to understand. Now you will be surprising is there any such thing like mysterious looks. Yes there is and is very appealing to look at. Mysterious looks lend beauty leaving onlooker bewildered to know more about you.

    Mysterious looks are much sought after by women. They give personality a very different identity. Many questions arise in mind of people when they find women with mysterious looks. To look beautiful or gorgeous is what everybody wishes for and knows many tactics for it. But for looking mysterious tricks that need to be applied are mentioned below. If you are unaware about them read below.

    Wear dress of dark color. Dark colors provides great mysterious look. It includes purple, black, deep red, dark blue, maroon etc. And if you pair your dress with something like gorgeous dark color necklaces, beaded dark colored earrings, dark color bracelet, dark color make up, then you will look all the way more mysterious maintaining that feminine charm.

    Dyeing hairs imparts great mysterious look. But make sure it looks good on you. Black color dye look good on all. If you have dyed your hairs with the dark color, then hairs should have sharp angular cuts. This will add to your mysterious look.

    Use light foundation on your face. It will make you different form what you use regularly. Over it apply deep colored or reddish lipstick. It will perfectly complement light foundation. You might look like little gothic but it will be sexy all the same.

    Not only dressing but how you act also lend mysterious look to your personality. For that be silent and speak only when needed. This greatly adds to the mysticism.

    If want to catch some guy’s attention give him a sensual look and then go away. For sure he will chase you.

    Adding vintage piece of accessory also add to that mysterious look. Jackets, hoods, hats, corset shirts, etc. are some vintage accessories. They really look sexy and stylish.

    Most importantly, whatever you wear will not bring out mysterious look till you are confident in you and know how to carry yourself. So, just be confident about yourself and enjoy this style.

    Follow the above tips and you will certainly baffle everyone around you. Being mysterious is an art and only few are able to accomplish it. If succeeded in achieving it will be called highly stylish. It is one of the forms of being stylish and fashionable.

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