• Posted :   Feb 4th, 2011

    So you’re planning to host the greatest party in the history of all parties. Great idea! I bet you have plenty on your plate (no pun intended). There is the silver ware, seating arrangement and guests to look after. There is the food, flowers and invitations to worry about and most importantly what do you wear? As the hostess, you are going to be the center of attraction of the party. You really don’t want to be wearing a dowdy grandmotherly outfit, do you? Here is a step by step guide to help you pick out the perfect hostess evening gown (presuming of course that your party is in the evening).

    evening gown for Host

    Theme of the party:
    As the hostess you need to pick out the theme of the party. Is it a casual cocktail party or are you celebrating your anniversary? You need to have a concrete idea as to what kind of party you are having. Also, make sure your theme is well conveyed to your guests. Your guests may not be aware that you are planning to have a lavish or a casual party. If your theme is not well conveyed to them, they’ll be pretty confused as to what to wear and you’ll see everything from casual to over dressed.

    Remember a lot of guests determine what to wear on the basis of your invitation. If your invitation card looks very expensive, has perfumed paper and has plenty of sophisticated cursive writing, chance are that your party is going to be flooded with black ties and sweeping gowns. You may intend for a casual event but your guests wouldn’t know that – they have only your invitation card to go by. To avoid any confusion, ensure that the theme of your party is well conveyed in your invitation cards.

    Choice of Evening Gown
    Like I mentioned earlier, you are going to be the highlight of the party. The two advantages of being a hostess is that one – you are always sure what is the theme o the party and two – there is no harm in being just a tad bit overdressed.

    Being the hostess, you have to remember that you will be on your feet continuously smiling and greeting people. So choose something that you would be comfortable wearing. Make sure that you are not conscious in what you are wearing. You cannot escape the party early or change mid way, so picking the right gown is essential.

    Don’t go too bold. A plunging neckline or a particularly high slit is not very advisable if you are the party hostess.

    Stick to a gown that will accentuate your best features. A delicate sprinkling of shimmer is perfect for the occasion. My opinion is that you stay away from the conventional black. It’s a safe option to wear black – one that you would pick if you were unsure of what to wear. Instead, pick a color to suit the occasion. If you are completely unsure of which color to pick, they I suggest a royal blue. The color stands out without being too bright. It is unique and compliments a variety of skin tones.

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