• Posted :   Jan 18th, 2010

    Everybody wants to look good in photos. Bad photos makes mood off. Thus to avoid bad photos you dress up well, do make up and do all other required things for good photographs. But when suddenly someone asks for taking photos and you are not properly ready, also your photos says the same how bad it feels. Therefore it is always good to be camera ready. It does require some efforts but make you look and feel good at all times. 

    Being camera ready does not mean looking zing every time. Casually also you can look so but have to follow few tips for the same. Read the tips below following which you can be ready to take photographs anytime.  

    1) Plan clothing in advance for the entire week. This will help you to come up with good looking clothes. Generally we wear clothes see in front wear thinking who will search deeply. But if proper planning is done end up wearing fabulous clothes.     

     2) Take care of your skin and hairs on daily basis in spite of whether you like it or not. Apply skin care products daily that give it a glowing look. Apply hair lotion that fits your hair color and texture. Wash hairs and condition them regularly. Remember skin and hair beauty is not a one day task. Also for good photos regular caring is must.   

     3) It is not like that you have to wear jewelries only when going out. Even at home with dresses you can wear them. Wearing a statement making jewelry at all times is also included in the list of being camera ready always. Jewelry should be complementary to your outfit for turning simple clothing to glamorous one.

     4) Make up makes a great difference to looks. It is considered one of the main adornments of women. Always apply little bit of make up every time.     

     5) Wear nice footwear. Nice footwear does not mean wearing stilettos or hip hop one every time. You can even wear a sandal or simple footwear but it should complement your attire well, that is what mainly required.

        Follow these fashion tips to always be camera ready. Let anyone ask anytime for taking photos, that natural smile will always be there on your face.

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