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    The Prom season needs you to get shoes, flowers, jewelry, make up and above all dress, which makes it a costly affair as that of any wedding. But before you part with even a single penny, do think over whether it is worth spending for prom essentials. It is true that prom pulls on your purse strings, but you can certainly restrict this toll by following a budgetary cut down approach. You just need to have a bit of time for proper planning to make savings.

    Every year Prom falls around mid-April and continues early mid-June in varied parts of the country, with most prom nights falling in May. So there is ample time and space to prepare for your prom budget well in advance of this big prom bash. Few handy tips below will help you to prepare for this big night within your pocket.

    • Buying Budget Prom Dress
    • Accessories for Prom
    • Make Over, Hair and nails
    • Prom Tickets
    • Hiring a Limo
    • His Boutonniere
    • Photograph Memoirs

    budget prom

    Buying Budget Prom Dress

    Buying a dream prom dress is always the priority for the prom event, but have you ever thought that it can completely squeeze your budget. A formal prom for a black tie event can be quite expensive. Be a smart shopper and borrow it from some close family member of friend. If that won’t work, a new formal dress can cost you less, depending on the place you pick one. You can always hunt for thrift stores, discount outlets or online clothing stores where you can get versatile off the rack dress in decent amount which you can wear again and again in any formal events.


    Accessories for Prom

    Do you have right shoes? Before choosing the dress, think about some matching shoes already with you. Do you have a pair of black, gold or other neutral-colored shoes in your closet that can work for your Prom night. If so, then you can limit one more major expense! If not, then you need not spend a fortune on a strappy pair that will get you through the night. Think about some bargain shoe outlet or any discount online store for serving the purpose.

    Now again follow the cost cutting regime when it comes to hair clips, jewelry or fancy handbags. Borrow it from your relatives, friends or your own mom if something matching is lying with them. If that’s not an option, then go ahead for jewels and other accessories at a low-cost costume-jewelry store. If you make your mind to invest in a nice necklace or pair of earrings, be sure to pick something you will be able to wear for years to come.


    Make Over, Hair and nails

    Now it’s the time to think for your make over expense including nails and hair. You could easily drop $150 or more if you go for a professional make over. You can do your make up, hair and nails with your friends together and keep away this expense. Beside this your hair can cost you anywhere from $40 to $80 depending on the type of hair style you want, and the cost varies from simpler to exceptional hair do. It is always better to have a trial run before finalizing on any hair style, as it should suit your personality and dress. You can choose for getting a salon makeover the day of the glamorous prom, but need to pump out extra money for the big night. You need to shell $40 to $75 for looking the prettiest lady that night. But do a trial run for makeup too and test your looks before hand.

    Now come to nail down the nails, so first you need to rush to salon for manicure and pedicure or use our handy tips to do it all at home. Doing your nails yourself can be a fun with your friends, so pamper them, paint them and further festoon them, whatever you wish to do.


    Prom Tickets

    Don’t miss to count the expenses on prom tickets. It can range from $50 to $120 per person depending on the venue be it a country club or a chain hotel. The cost of the prom tickets varies from one region to the other. On the other hand, if your prom includes just dancing and no dinner, tickets will be less expensive. But then, of course, you’ll have to spare for your own dinner, which can make up the difference. And hey, if it just so happens that he’s paying for the tickets, don’t even worry about this one!


    Hiring a Limo

    Going to a prom on a limo with your friends and their dates can be a complete fun but it depends on you, whether to rent a limo or not? But with minimum four hours and tips it can turn up for an expensive luxury. Still you can always divide the total cost estimate among the maximum number of friends, but ideally the total can be up to $400. If that is too much then you and your friends can go for a party bus or explore the possibility of borrowing a good car from your parents or relatives.


    His Boutonniere

    You are going to receive a gorgeous, fragrant corsage, so why should not you get your date a little lapel flower! Don’t wait until the last minute to order flowers, do it a week before. Roses are the most popular choice for boutonnieres but there are many other fashionable options. Go for carnations as they are little less expensive, while orchids can be costly. If you are not feeling picky, go simple and save.


    Photograph Memoirs

    You can save on photos as a formal prom portraits can be nice to have, but they can cost $25 to $75 depending on the size and number of prints you buy. Instead you can use digital cameras which are small and handy and can easily slip in to purse and you can click hundreds of rare moments for that memorable night. But you can also choose to get formal photos and use your own camera as well. Hey, that’s cool too.


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