• Posted :   Dec 22nd, 2009

    tallTall appearance showcase standard. All wants to be tall in height. But it cannot be possible in actual as there various figures and various height people. Yes but all can make efforts for looking tall and it is very much possible. Filled with excitement, you should be. Read the tips below for knowing how it can be done.

    1) Good posture is very important factor that makes a great difference in your height. Good posture means sitting or standing straight. Following this even a short person can look tall and smart. On the other hand sank shoulders and bowed back can make even a tall person look short and dazed. Hence for looking tall maintain good posture.

    2) One of the best ways to appear tall by making posture right is by leaning against the wall. It is considered the best exercise. Way of doing is keeping head, shoulder, butts and heels in contact with the wall. Minimize the space between you and the wall by using muscle. Your posture will improve to a greater degree and is also helpful for looking taller.

    3) Hairstyle is very essential for overall grooming of appearance. It also includes for making one look taller. For men a short hair cut thin from the sides is very good for looking taller. While an up do is good for women for the same reason.

    4) Clothes are one of the best friends for imparting any type of appearance. They are solution of any body flaw problem. While dressing wear a monochromatic or one color dress. This dress give illusion of height as your silhouette does not break anywhere. Vertical pattern design dresses and V neckline dresses are also good for adding height.

    5) In footwear wear stilettos wedges or pumps for looking taller. Guys can wear formal high heels shoes.

    6) Accessories are also great for taller appearance. Short height women should opt for long earrings, scarves, long pendants, hats and sunglasses to add height to them.

    In all the above tips whichever suits you go for it. It will certainly curb your problem of short height.

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