• Posted :   Jun 25th, 2009

    perfume-bottlesPerfume is the most popular cosmetic in women’s lives. Fragrance of a perfume depicts luxury and pleasure and is a very important aspect for a woman. Among so many flavors of perfume it’s challenging to get the right one but at the same time it is fun also. Choosing the right one is important as it expresses women’s personality.

    Primarily there are six main categories of perfume. They are:

    Fruity perfume- As per the name it smells of fruits and is very alluring.

    Orientals perfume- It smells very exotic and intense. It reminds of vanilla, spices and flowers.

    Floral perfume- It has sweeter smell, flowery, romantic and above all feminine.

    Woody perfume- Perfume that smell like wood, bark, moss etc. It gives a feeling as if you are in the forest.

    Oceanic perfume- This perfume smells of ocean. They use synthetic elements for creating smell of the ocean.

    Greens perfume- These perfumes are very energetic in smell.

    Thus you see just smell can prompt you to think of many things. But as easy it sounds in reading about different types of perfumes, as hard it is to find the right one. Selection of perfumes should be done with much consideration. Below steps will help you a lot in selection, follow them.

    Steps for choosing a perfume

    First of all be clear on which smell appeal you the most. This will help you in your search.

    If you find anyone’s perfume appealing don’t hesitate to ask the name of perfume.

    Do take suggestion of the salesperson but purchase what attracts you.

    Try out perfume before purchasing by putting on wrist. Don’t try more than two as your nose will start getting confused and will not be able to make out difference among many.

    Inhaling should be done in little time, not immediately, after you spray perfume. Your senses will be snipped if it has alcohol in it.

    Apart from purchasing the one that appeals you also keep in mind that type of occasion and age are also great determiners. For example, green perfume will be suitable for a teenager girl, full of energy and appropriate for casual wear. While oriental perfume is apt for women going to attend evening occasion. And so on.

    Add a finishing touch to outfit with endearing perfume and feel refreshed and revitalized. It also makes us feel good about ourselves and our appearance.

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