• Posted :   Dec 31st, 2009

    Gold is a very unique color and also imparts unique look. It is favorite color of every woman as it enhances all. But one question that keeps coming in mind is how to accessorize gold dress because it is so dashing that it can stand on its own. Undoubtedly gold dress can be worn without accessories, but if accessorized in a right manner will give a more profound look.

     Before starting accessorizing your gold dress bewares do not add gold to it. Gold on gold does not look good, in fact looks overwhelmed. Also gold accessories clash with your gold dress rather than completing your look.

    Silver accessories are also not good to be matched with gold dress. This is a mismatched combination. It is true that present trend is of gold and silver accessories but it does not mean you have to wear them whether they are matching or not.

     Pearls are great for accessorizing gold dress. They look very classy over it. Pearl earrings, pearl necklace, pearl bracelet etc. add elegance to appearance. Not only with gold dress, also has it looked good with any type of outfit.

     Diamonds and Rhinestones also look awesome with gold dress. Real or fake, both work best.  

     Black color accessories also raise gold dress look to an extreme degree. Black necklaces, black bracelets and black earrings adds a funkier look to your outfit, yet still remain chic as black is an elegant color.

    Brown color accessories are also great for pairing with gold dress. Take care of brown shade as it should not look over the top in gold dress as discussed earlier. Deep browns are a great color to add with gold dress. Brown stilettos will add all the way more chic look to outfit. 

    Whatever accessories you add to gold dress make sure stay away from over accessorizing your gold dress. Fewer accessories are enough to add to it. Gold dress sketch a boundary in terms of accessories which you cannot cross else will look over the top. The above mentioned accessories i.e. pearls, rhinestones, and diamonds impart great look to gold dress. You look classier by adding them.

     You were finding it’s hard to accessorize gold dress, but see how easy it is. You do not even have to add much.

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