• Posted :   Aug 2nd, 2011

    Little red dresses have hit the fashion market and trust me it is a rage among many. Even celebrities have gone the red way. It looks stunning and sensual. With the right attitude and confidence, the little dress will be loyal to you in terms of sexiness and sensuality. Whatever the length is, it does look indisputably hot!

    Few tips to pick the right little red dress

    But every celebrity, being movie stars, they wear dresses that complement their body size and skin tone. So if you are a little dark in color, wear a sober red color dress and if you are fair then you can wear the shocking little red dress.

    Body shapes are more often than not described in many ways like the Hourglass shape, Banana shape and many others. So if you fall in the apple category wear a little red dress that will hide your heavy cleavage line and divert attention towards your hips or legs. And if you fall in the pear-shaped category, wear a dress that will show your cleavage and towards the end your dress can be loose or flowy. That way it keeps your hips light and slimmer.

    Banana shaped ladies are slim and their waist is equal to not having a waist. For such ladies a tight little red dress will work better as it will not look vulgar or cheesy. In fact it looks damn sexy and phenomenal.

    With all these tips kept in mind you can look no less than a movie star and flaunt your beauty wherever you go. Also keep yourself updated with the latest trends by skimming through the net and following your favorite stars rather closely. What trend they choose what styles they opt for and the make-up and accessories they team up their little dress with, all that will help you remain in style always.

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