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    Hands are most visible part of the body. Thus taking proper care of them is must. Beautiful hands add grace to personality. Even inside you feel very good if you have nice hands. To the most they also help in boosting confidence.

    Achieving beautiful hands is not a difficult task. Here are given some ways following which you can also add your name in the list of women having beautiful hands.


    Weekly manicure is a very good practice to make your hands look good along with helping them to combat problems like chipping, splitting, peeling and cracking. Hence get into practice of manicure regularly.

    Hand Massage

    Giving massage to hands is another very good way of taking care of hands. It also increases blood circulation in hands. It is very simple to do. Rub your palm over the back of the hand and then repeat with the other hand. This practice warms the hands and makes them look good.

    Apply moisturizing cream for soft Hands

    If you want soft hands everyday before going to bed apply moisturizing cream on your hands and then slip your hands on a pair of cotton gloves. By morning you will find your hands incredibly soft.

    Save hands from chemicals

    It is always better to use rubber gloves while doing any sort of cleaning activity. It is because cleaning agents contains chemicals which are extremely harsh on hands and make them dry.

    Apart from these there are certain other tips also, which are much useful in making hands soft and supple. Here are they:

    Hand care tips:

    Applying olive oil on hands is very good in making them soft.

    Mixture of cucumber and glycerin is very good for hands.

    Mix olive oil and lime juice and apply on hands.

    For giving glow to hands massage your hands daily with almond oil.

    Bleaching is a very good practice for making hands beautiful to look at. For that apply a paste of ground almonds, milk cream and few drops of glycerin and lemon juice on hands.

    Make a mixture of Vaseline and carbolic acid and rub on your hands.

    Mix rose water and glycerin and apply on your hands with cotton.

    These tips will help in keeping your hands look young. Also remember beautiful hands always attract admiring glances, thus follow the above written tips and get lots of admiration for your hands.

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