• Posted :   Apr 8th, 2011

    plus size dresses

    Plus size clothing is like a blessing in disguise for women on the heavier side who are shy about attending parties and heading out! Of course, although there are plenty of plus size clothes out there, one needs to be extremely careful about what to pick. The plus size models always appear slimmer and are paid to look awesome in those outfits.
    Below are 5 quick ways to ensure that a plus sized dress suits its wearer perfectly:

    1. Never dress down a size because you want to look thin. If you are a size 14, a size 13 dress will not look good on you. An extra fitting dress does not make you look thinner but rather makes you look awkward and ill fitted. Always dress your size or else purchase a size bigger and then alter it down to perfection
    2. Don’t go too dowdy either. A lot of plus sized women tend to wear loose and hangy clothes in an attempt to cover up their awkwardness. Do not do that. You end up looking bigger in size as well as low on self esteem. Dull dressing never gives off the correct signals.
    3. Invest in a tailor. This is probably what every woman should do. Alter a dress to her specifications. Plus sized women even more so. A good tailor will be able to smartly conceal all the problems areas while emphasizing the ones that are less flattering.
    4. Invest in a gorgeous dress. Dresses are probably magical creations when it comes to overweight women. Gowns do a great job of flattering every type of woman. Select a great gown and look ravishing in it.
    5. Make use of accessories. These babies can be rather devious and do a great job in taking attention away from the garment and you or any problem areas. A lot of plus size women choose chunky jewelry as a method of diverting attention. Just ensure that it does not backfire and instead draw attention to the problem areas. Scarves, oversize belts, chunky bangles are all great ideas.
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