• Posted :   Feb 15th, 2011

    You know how you are always getting tips about what to wear to a party or which is the ideal dress for Prom.tips to look sensational So here I was thinking that I’m sure everyone wants to look great on those special occasions but as far as I’m concerned nothing should stop you from looking fabulous everyday. I don’t mean you wake up every morning 2 hours earlier and begin your bridal make up. Sometimes just small things like keeping yourself clean and hygienic contribute in a huge way to looking good. Here are a few tips to ensure that you look beautiful every single day:

    1. Generalized tips:
    (Let’s begin with the basics before going into particulars)

    • Hygiene is of utmost importance. No matter what you wear or how gorgeous your features or how perfect your figure is no one enjoys an unclean, smelly person. Bathe at least every alternate day. If you sweat a lot, then make it a point that you bathe everyday. Besides, it’s also healthy. Your skin glows with happiness.

    • If your sweat smells, make sure that you use a good deo or perfume. If you have severe problems, then visit a dermatologist.

    • Yes, we all want to have perfect figures but never forego on your necessary calorie intake. A balanced diet containing fruits and fresh vegetables is not only good but also very essential. It’s healthy and enhances your hair and skin.

    • Make sure you have enough exercise. You do not have to join a gym or enter into fitness training for that. Simply use opportunities presented to you everyday to avoid a sedentary life like walking instead of taking the elevator etc.

    2. Hair care
    (Start from the top)

    The length of your hair is entirely your choice. Various lengths suit various face cuts. Find out from your hair dresser which suits you best. Pick a length you are comfortable with and can care for. Wash your hair as often as necessary. Do not forget to use a good shampoo and conditioner – preferably mild and without too many chemicals.

    3. Make up

    Never ever lather on make up, especially for everyday use! Nothing beats the clean, fresh look. Trust me; a good exfoliating face scrub is cheaper and far better than a hundred make up articles. A light lip gloss and clean, fresh glowing skin is a lethal combination!

    4. Clothing

    The way you dress describes who you are. Always opt for clothes that you are comfortable in. Avoid the lumpy look which occurs when clothes are too tight. No wardrobe is complete without a set of formal dresses. Pick out simple formal dresses for everyday use in a variety of lengths and patterns. They add elegance to your wardrobe.

    5. Nail care

    Never walk out of your home with chipped nail polish. The way you take care of your nails speaks a lot about your personality. You do not have to rush for a manicure/pedicure every single time. Just shape your nails at home and keep them clean. Even unpainted clean nails look gorgeous.

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