• Posted :   Apr 1st, 2011

    make-up-tipsBeauty is skin deep. How many times have that line been sung by a countless number of singers over the ages? Somewhere in our modern set up, the whole idea of beauty has changed. Beauty is now associated with super thin size zero figures, height exceeding 5.8 and flawless ‘don’t care’ personalities. Hordes of teenagers are trying to emulate super models in their styling and dressing.


    Beauty is about being you and enhancing what you have been blessed with. Beauty is about being healthy and having a luminous infectious personality. Beauty is about having a positive outlook to life! Models work hard for a living and use make up where they falter. No one tries to re touch up glowing, attractive skin! Not everyone can afford daily spas or face cleansing bleaches.

    A good many natural beauty tips can be found right in the comfort of your own home. Below are a few simple home remedies to ensure healthy skin and a natural pink glow that is bound to love people around envious:

    1. Hydration is extremely essential. The human body requires a minimum of 2 to 4 liters of water per day. A well hydrated body automatically reflects on your skin and your hair. Your face clears up and you look better. A good amount of water is probably the best beauty treatment in your arsenal. Water helps flushing the toxins from the body. When you do not drink enough water, toxins build up which escape through the skin pores as toxins!

    2. Exercise is another extremely important aspect of a healthy life style! You do not have to go join a gym. Just a set of basic stretches everyday or taking the stairs instead of the lift can make a huge difference. Go out for a jog every day.

    3. Get 20 minutes of sunshine daily. The early morning sun is probably the best time. It helps increase blood circulation and increases the oxygen content in the blood which in turn boosts muscular endurance. It also increases body metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar levels. The advantages of just 20 minutes of sun on your body are numerous!

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