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  • Posted :   Jun 30th, 2012


    Fashion has all the time remained as an essential part of mankind for many years. Today, one cannot think of a life without fashion and dresses. But the origins of fashion realization of a modern woman can be marked out in the renaissance era of European history.

    Flamboyant Get Up
    The medieval clothing developed with time and eventually offers the world it’s up to date fashion and trendy outfits. Nowadays a lot of people take pleasure in wearing periodic apparels and show it off in style in particular events.

    The flamboyant costumes are all but depicting the affluent culture of the period all the way through the proper dresses. The dresses were more or less created in vivid colored fabrics where the most expensive materials were used by the rich people and hugely embellished fabrics were more favored. For case in point, the merchants in those times used to wear knee length fur coats with a purse and a belt. This sort of middle age costumes depicting the affluent European ritual even today.

    Look for pants which are easy to wear and stay away from those jazzy ones that can at some stage make you appear louder. Search for thrift stores that have few specialty created pants and also make pants with the specifications of the wearer. These pants have a small flare to it at the base part. Opt to wear commonly jeans or bottoms in bright hues.

    Beautify your outfit with large belt buckles. The buckles are big and are easily accessible in an assortment of shapes. It comes in round, oval or may be rectangular and sometimes even multicolored.

    Opt for bright colored blazers.  During the earlier times blazers were more or less taut fitting all the time and extremely bright colored. These blazers come in well stitched buttons and also in unbuttoned ones where it fits perfectly to the wearer. You can wear them with a different shirt beneath with the right sort of accessory to blend with the overall outfit.

    Look for an assortment of button up shirts in wild intense shades and large prints. Paisley, flower and other huge designs work well on a woman but it is always better to stay away from plaids. The shirts come with a perfect fit that show off your best body curves where you can even tuck it in for a cooler look.

    Have the right accessories. Adding a few accessories to your outfit can simply do wonders in bringing out the best in you. Wearing a long scarf around the neck or a wrap, huge flamboyant hats, jewelry in the form of tennis bracelets or a simple necklace is what you can come up with.

    The right pair of shoes. Last but not the least finish off every outfit with a cool pair of boots. Brighter shades are good whereas you can even opt for white, brown or the basic black.

  • Posted :   Jun 27th, 2012

    Fashionable looks are always preferred and hence you can get the right looks for you with the one. You have to be fashion freak so that you will be able to manage to stand out of the crowd. Fashionable looks make you look great and helps you to find the best attire.

          High Fashion looks    

    Fashion helps you to get the right looks. You can always find dignity and attitude with your fashion looks.You can always be confident when your attire is positive and boosting your personality.

    Fashion makes it that way for you and hence you can get some embellished looks. To become a fashion freak you have to get some things, which are necessary for you. Fashion has much of importance and hence you have to get the right looks for you with the one. You can always find the fashion aura and for that, you have to refine your wardrobe and update your knowledge with the recent fashion.

    Fashion freak always observes the latest fashion and get it in the wardrobe. You also have to do that same so that you will be able to find the best looks and achieve the most amazing looks, which will aid you with the highest position in the fashion world.

    To be fashion freak you need get some stuff, which will make sure that you having the great outfits and accessories that will enhance the beauty of your personality. There are some things, which keep you upgraded in the fashion world, and hence you can find the best looks for you.

    Following are some six steps, which will aid you to become a fashion conscious and you will able to gain the most amazing fashion looks:

    • Do Some Fashion Homework:

    You need to get the right attire for yourself with the best fashion grace to it. You have to find the embellished looks for you with fashion touch. You can get the right looks for you but for that, you have to do some homework of the fashion world. When you consider fashion homework, you need to get the right attire for yourself and for that you need to go through the magazines, which are there in your home. They should be of current date only. Then only you will be able to find the best looks for you.

    • Keep A Notebook With You:

    You have to take out the notes of your favorite attire and fashion tips, which you will need in the future while shopping for the fashion clothes. These notes are extremely important as short tips.

    • Keep A Tab On What You Have In Your Closet:

    You have to see to it that what your closet consists. If you have some needed stuff, you can start wearing that now! You can also have some raw material in the cupboard. You can start sewing with it.

    • Hygiene:

    You have to maintain hygiene so that you will be able to find the best looks for you. Hygiene is the inseparable part of the fashion, as you cannot achieve great looks with muddy persona.

    • Shop For New Stuff That You Need For The Fashion Look:

    You have to find the best looks for you with the right image of yours. You can always manage to get some good looks for your image with new-shopped things, which will be extremely fashionable. You have to shop according to the tips that you collected after great search.

    • Makeup And Hairstyles:

    Try to get the new makeup according to the latest fashion and the hairstyle. So that you will be able to find the best looks for your face and you will look more stylish.

  • Posted :   Jun 19th, 2012

    Getting Dressed in Smarter WayDo you wish to look more smart, sexy and gorgeous? Do you want to be an attention grabber at the place of work office? Do you wish to make an attractive appearance so that all heads are towards you? If yes, then here are some great dressing tips that will not only make you smarter but stylish too.

    Always wear dress that fits you precisely

    These days, too many people go for the dress that is too large or small for their body structure. You should always opt for the dress that fits you perfectly even though it may make you look small or overweight. When buying skirts, trousers, t-shirts, denim or any of the clothing, it is finest that you get the purveyor to ensure if the dress fit you. Having an unfamiliar person will be a better critic to perceive and confirm if your dress fits you! Being well-dressed means being clever to dress in the outfit that fit you perfectly!

    Go for Dark clothes as it makes you look smart:-

    Want to look smart, go for dark clothes! The reason behind this is that the dark clothes help in highlighting the strong, smart and sexier personality. Whereas, bright colors show off simplicity but it’s not the smart’s choice. You can find many bold colored dresses in the market to choose from. In fact colors like navy blue and black can make you appear taller and thinner.

    Choose decent yet stylish accessory:-

    Picking up right accessory is extremely important as it shows off your class and whilst your personality. For more formal and fashionable look, go for high heels or classy pair of black stilettos.

    Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that has to be considered while choosing dress to look smart.

    • While picking up clothes, ensure that the dress is perfectly comfortable for your body and it’s not too tight or loose for you.
    • In summer days, Plain comfy shirts are great choice. Avoid broad shirts, or the one with collars and logos.\
    • In winter, go for leather jackets as they look perfectly well in any season. Leather skirts are also a trendy alternative to charm up your look and make you smarter.
    • Suits are great for a smart look. Steer clear of from the colors like beige, white and browns, rather than this go for the shades like are black and deep blue as it adds more of professionalism to your look.
    • For smarter look, o not go for the pants that are too skinny, or have boot cuts, low rise, high rise or anything baggy as this will make you look like a clown.
    • Also, wear sunglasses only if you need them. A big NO for – Heavy cologne, mixing too many perfumes, lot of piercings, lots of jewelries, lot of tattoos.
    • Always dress up in a simpler and sophisticated way as this is what will pull off your outlook.


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