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  • Posted :   Jan 30th, 2012

    Gifts are loved by everyone no matter what age they are and if it’s a valentine gift from their love then it will be treasured more. So guys, if you are slogging to decide what gift you should buy for your girl then we have a solution for you. Every girl wants to look their best on this day, either to impress their better half or just to feel good. And what’s better than getting that perfect dress as a valentine gift from her man.


    So men’s out there, get a beautiful Valentines dress for her and she’s yours to keep forever. Some guidelines to buy a dress that will make her love you even more.

    Red being widely associated with valentines is a good option for a dress color too. We have a wide collection of both short and long dresses in red. But if you think it to be too common or your girl wouldn’t like it then choose from another magnificent color options like.

    Patterns and colors: Choose the color and pattern as per the choice and body type of your girl. We have some grand dresses in pink, wine color, purple, black and even golden. Pink being a girl’s favorite is sure to impress her, but if she’s not so girly type then go for a wine colored dress which is a trendy one. All these colors suit amazingly well to the American skin tone.

    Sweetheart neckline as it is popularly called is among the best exquisite options for a valentine dress. This pattern is available in both short and long dresses. This neckline would suit all body types however the ones on the heavier side should try to avoid it as it will make them look bulky. This pattern in a long gown will suit the curvy ones like a dream. One shoulder dress or a chic strapless one is also good options.

    These dresses are not just for valentines but can be used by her on any grand occasion. Don’t be jealous if she gets a few glances but have the best time of your life with her. And for the single ladies, who is reading this, don’t wait for someone to give these valentine dresses to you, gift it to yourself and show the world how fun single hood is!

  • Posted :   Jan 27th, 2012

    Do you wish to make your prom go wow? What better way than adorning a dress from prom fashion 2012! This year’s prom collection is based on Hollywood glamor, alluring details and energetic colors. Get a chic dress that will embellish your body and also take care of your comfort level. Different prom dresses give you different look. Selecting a perfect sized dress is very important to get the look correct.


    Some suggestions to grab the perfect prom dress:

    • Start the search early to get the perfect beautiful prom dress. Search for the designs of the season. Browse through the wide collection available on the internet to get an idea of what type of dress you should go for. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a date yet, looking for a prom dress is never too early.
    • Don’t go under peer pressure and buy a type of dress that everyone is buying. Beg to differ and make a style statement for yourself.
    • Start saving up! Allot a budget for the dress as well as keep some extra cash handy for the prom accessories.
    • Select a gown or a short dress as per your body type. If you are on the skinny side and tall then go for a flattering gown, this will make you look stunning. If you are curvy having a flattering hour glass shape, then go for a silhouette that will enhance your curves. For people who are bit on the heavier side, it is best to stick to the A-line dresses.
    • After deciding on the type of prom dress, try on a few in different colors that you like. Look for a color that suits your face cut and body shade.
    • Start shopping for all the stuff around four weeks prior to the event. Once you buy the dress, look for matching shoes and other accessories. Remember to not go overboard with the accessories. Stick to one element only, if you opt for an embellished earring then give a miss to the neck piece. Simple is better is the key over here.

    Hope these suggestions help you in picking up your ideal prom dress and make you the talk of the town this prom season.

  • Posted :   Jan 25th, 2012

    dress_for_prom_2012A prom night is one night in a teenagers life which will be etched for eternity. Years after the night ends, it will be talked about and its events reminisced. The one image that you wil have of yourself is that of the dress that you adorned that night. So the process of picking out the perfect prom dress commences days or even weeks prior to the prom night.

    Make sure you go out shopping with friends or someone who is experienced in shopping for dresses as they are best suited to advice you on the dress that accentuates your true assets; both physical and your attitude. Many styles and shades of prom dresses are available and a girl needs to first envision herself in it before making her final pick. This article tries to throw some light on the latest fads and sought after prom dresses.

    Cut-out prom dresses radiate a seductive countenance, but the trick here is not to overdo it. These dresses do have an unclad look to them, usually along the hips and navel area and on the back. The length of the dress can be as per your comfort. Choose a dress that accentuates your curves and yet hides the things that needs to be hidden. But in case you have curves to flaunt, I say go flaunt. The trend of cut out dresses was inspired from cocktail dresses.

    Another choice that one has is the Victorian era inspired Corset structured dresses. Embellished by celebrities on the red carpet, the corset structured prom gown falls in the genre of class formal gowns, but yet has a certain oomph factor to it. Girls looking for an hourglass figure should opt for this dress as it bestows a semblance of a narrow waist.

    Then there are the vintage inspired prom dresses that are a hit on the ramps with supermodels flaunting them. They are the classiest of them all and never fall out of vogue and the one’s opting for class needs to opt for them. The fabrics used in them and their design all have a vintage and classy aura to them.

    A two piece dress is a contemporary look and comprises a top piece and a pliant skirt. The best past is that it portrays the look of a one piece gown. Here you have the option of mix-n-match as the top can be corset styled or cut-out styled. It’s the top that has the style and the skirt gives the dress a gown like appearance.

  • Posted :   Jan 19th, 2012

    Coats and jackets, scarves and hats, woolly jumpers and boots, this is all you need to cover yourself in this chilling weather. But is just covering your body enough? Most of us will disagree to this question because; the demand to be stylish never dies. A  Seasons come and go, but the tag line remains the same dress to impress.


    Winter dresses have gone beyond the cliche of body warming jackets and coats. This season raid your wardrobe and pull out all the possible outfits. Explore the new trend of overlapping; feel the elegance with exquisite fur gowns, jackets and hats, go bold and chunky with vibrant scarves and boots, slacks with body warmers.


    The changing trends have brought in variety of styles in the market for women. Though every year cannot mark a masterpiece from designer but a new style can be born abreast the old one.


    The current styles that hit the ramps this season includes:


    • Clean look – this is suitable for those who are not much familiar with experimenting. A well fitted woolen jacket along with warm pants will keep you subtle. Accessorize with ankle boots and hand gloves.



    • Elegant look –  elegance is another name for Queen Elizabeth or Duchess of Cambridge. To don this style a knee dress along with a woolen coat in royal color palette can work wonders. Accessorize with knee boots or slacks with wedged heels. A hat will complete the attire.


    • Chunky – this style goes well with the young and dynamic. You can easily get the look by replacing woolen jackets with chunky leather jackets in a more vibrant color palette paired with denims in case of short ones and with slacks in case of long ones . Complete the look by wrapping a scarf around your neck, a beanie or a beret hat and boots. Try experimenting with varied jackets available.


    • Bold – A  anyone possessing a body to flatter can fit in this look. A body warmer that ends an inch or two above your knee paired with slacks can give you this look. Accessorize with some bold neck-pieces, a beret hat and wedged heels.

    “Go ahead and experiment this season.”

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