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  • Posted :   Dec 31st, 2011

    new year fashionStyle resolutions for New Year – New Year brings joy and lots of expectations with it. We make resolution like to quit smoking, spend more time for family but no one ever thinks about fashion and style. This article will help you set realistic targets which will you achieve a fashionable wardrobe. It should include formal, casual, nightwear, party and much more, accessories such as shoes, scarf’s, caps should also be included…Keep reading for more info…


    • The very first resolution is to clear out your wardrobe of clothes which do not fit; these clothes will never fit if in case you plan on getting back in shape, because by the time you get fit you stored little clothing will be already out of fashion. It’s important that you let go of clothes which you do not like. This will help you get organized and start with a new collection, but it’s important that you keep at least a few dresses like little black dress, prom gowns, which never go out of fashion.


    • The second most important resolution is to plan a budget for shopping clothes. You should never exceed this budget and should not cheat. Remember resolutions is all about controlling temptations, you will surprised to see the amount of money you save if you plan your shopping budget, as this helps you stay in style and you can enjoy the latest trends as well.


    • It is very important that you stay in touch with the latest style and trend. Style magazines, reading fashion blogs, visiting fashion websites will help you to know about the latest trends and fashion.


    • The fourth resolution is to find out your exact size and always try clothes before you plan on buying them. This is not possible in case you plan to order online, but make it a resolution to return clothes that do not fit as this is a definite waste of money.


    • The last resolution says that you need to be more open to new style and fashion. It is always better to create your own fashion and strut on a new style exuding confidence. The idea here is to never wear same kind of clothes and always try new and latest fashion.


  • Posted :   Dec 22nd, 2011

    New Year is just around the corner and the clock is ticking and the countdown is real fast. If you have any regrets for not being able to celebrate last New Year the it’s better to get started right now and start preparing for the New Year’s Party.

    Celebrating New Year with close friends is a great idea; all you need is a place to party and avoid being lined up for the New Year parties. You do not even have to spend loads of money; all you need is just a few close friends, alcohol, good music and a perfect place. Nothing beats the ambiance and the comfort of a house. As the countdown has started so its time to set the ball rolling and plan a New Year house party

    Apart from friends and yourself you will also need these tips to plan a perfect New Year house party.
    Inform you Friends: Friends are the ones who can set the right mood for the party, so keep them pumped up and motivated before the party….see to it that you do not give an impression of a pizza party or else no one will make it to your place and you may end up spending it alone with your dog eating all the pizzas.
    Do not invite people with whom you are not comfortable with as it may spoil the whole party, make arrangements for friends with you actually wish to celebrate your New Year with…

    Your friends are just a call away, call them and inform them about the bash, mailing is also a great option, but phone is quick and easy.

    Dresses that you can opt for:

    • Sequined Dresses: This is one dress which will make you shine and glow through the wee hours of the morning this is one dress which will definitely get you maximum attention.

    •   Single Shoulder: The single shoulder dress is a glamorous option but beware this dress can get you in the limelight; all you need is to be confident and opt for proper accessories.

    There are various other dresses that make you stand out in the crowd, check out the various fashion websites for latest updates.

    Plan on food and alcohol, plastic glasses and napkins should be in place. Party hard and have great year an ahead.

    Happy New Year!

  • Posted :   Dec 15th, 2011

    The runway fashion for prom gown is out for the year 2012, the recently held fashion shows at top fashion cities like New York, Milan and Paris displayed fresh and scintillating designs that not only flashed on the runway but also made an impact on the viewers’ minds. The classy fabric and polished textures were mesmerizing and breathtaking.

    The stores are now loaded with the new 2012 collection of classy prom gowns which are inspired from the vintage styles and are given a personalized touch to match the needs of today’s customers. The looks are sophisticated and beguiling. The true glamor is back in fashion. The trends range from the regular wedding gowns, cocktail dresses and all the possible options.


    The 2012 designs:

    The Wedding gown: The Wedding gowns or ball gowns are back with the bang and the hottest item this season, the slender and the designer columns are attracting quite a crowd this year, a must have for prom girls, the formal attire is taking the customers by surprise, the gowns are available in silk, satin, chiffon making the 2012 collection more exciting and enigmatic.


    Tunic or Peplum: The flared and ruffled short attaché to the jacket waist or the bodice. The fashion of the past is back in style. The40’s fashion which is used to sought the cinched waistline allowing the blouse to be tucked in easily. One of the most prized possessions for women. It is the best way to camouflage or hide a big tummy as it cinches the waistline thus taking off pounds making the waist look smaller.



    The High Low Cut: Prom dresses needed to get this style for the coming season, the Hi – Low hemline of prom dresses is the most talked about trend this season. The long prom dresses can give a problem if you are planning to wear high heels. The Hi low pattern is the most suitable pattern and is comfortable enough to shake a leg when at the prom night.


    Sequined Prom Gowns: The time for the glitterati’s to shine in the best designed armor, the display of sequins on the collars, shoulders and hemlines are the definite crowd pullers. Its time to be in the limelight.

  • Posted :   Dec 13th, 2011

    Christmas is that time of the year where you end up spending more money than you need to for treating family members, friends etc with extravagant gifts. If you plan ahead and are aware of the products that you wish to gift or take your family out for vacation, you will definitely save some money as well as be able to enjoy the party with that extra cash in your pocket.

    For some people who can afford to go overboard and have enough money can discontinue reading this article but people who wish to save some money should definitely keep reading…

    Be Wise Moneywise:

    The best way to spend less money is to avoid debts, but it’s not easy to spend less and especially during Christmas it’s not possible…so we will not waste time talking about this…Let’s get back to  gifts and presents…

    Prepare a list of latest items available in the market and hit those shops which offer you the best deal, there is no point buying gifts for your family members which they will not be able to use or enjoy. For people who save every pound and put it to good use always plan a strategy before they go out for shopping. During Christmas the pricing gets competitive and many people can avail the benefit of shopping great gifts in budget prices.

    Always Plan Ahead:

    To enjoy better outcome, it’s better to plan ahead of the shopping festival and calculates your budget effectively, every penny that you save will help you get a better gift which will be more valued by your loved one.

    Cash is better than Credit Cards:

    This is one of the most practical steps that you can ever take to save money. The research has also proved that when you shop using credit cards you end up spending more as compared to when you shop with cash. When you physically see that money going out of your hand in the form of cash, you tend to thinks more as compared to using credit cards. If you use credit cards you will only feel the pinch once you receive the credit card bill, but by then it’s too late.

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