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  • Posted :   Nov 30th, 2011

    British fashion awards 2011 raised many eyebrows because of the high fashion quotient. Every celebrity that walked in looked pretty and stunning in their respective dresses and make-up and hairdo. Apart from giving and taking a few awards, it also saw some really classy celebrities dressed to kill.

    Alex Chung considering the royal blood she belongs to, no doubt she looked awesome and smoking hot. If you go to see her dress was pretty simple in terms of cuts and style. Her cuts were pretty simple and neat. She wore a white color dress that was short in length and her whole bodice was heavily beaded and embedded in pretty stones. She also carried a clutch which had the same bead work. She has a petite figure and hence her choice of dress was excellent.

    Kate Moss everybody’s favorite celebrity and actress looked pretty in a ravishing black color floor touching dress. She wore a netted dress with full sleeves and she wore a white color sleeveless dress. The neckline was high and she kept her hair open. Red lipstick added more glamour and hotness to her look. She looked sexy only because she carried her dress perfectly and elegantly.

    Another cutie of Hollywood Kate Hudson carried herself perfectly and flawlessly. She wore a one shoulder dress that was black in color. Now black can never go wrong. The side of the dress has a distinct and sheer cut. The rest of the dress looked way simple and it touched the floor. She tied her hair up and wore minimum accessories and make-up. Now that is the best she could have done to herself and also her dress.

    British fashion awards 2012 was definitely like every other event but this event stood out because of its glamour and fashion quotient. The dresses, complementing accessories and make-up everything looked perfect and in place. It was a truly fashion rocker event. And it is the best way to take fashion cue and tips for people who love and swear by fashion. With such fashionistas to follow nobody can go wrong in terms of fashion ever.

  • Posted :   Nov 28th, 2011

    Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated festivals. It is celebrated all over the globe. The festive mood brings in lots of happiness and fun. And no better time to get married then Christmas. It is winter, feels cozy and the festive season is already there to bring in more glee and fun. Moreover the choices available in Christmas wedding dresses are way unique and classy. They will help the bride stand out.

    *  A little peek-a-boo into the best wedding dresses for Christmas and you are sure to rock in a Christmas wedding. Whether you are the bridesmaid or the bride, you will definitely look ho and sexy.

    *  As you enter a wedding specialized fashion store, you will notice whites everywhere. Well, don’t be disappointed. You don’t have to stick to the traditional white wedding dress or gown. You can opt for burgundy, off-white or even wine red. If you don’t find these shades, you can ask for them. Some stores put up only white dresses on their display since they are the most demanded.

    *  The second thing that you need to plan is the length of your wedding dress. Long or short or three-fourth-choice is yours. The usual norm is wearing a full length dress with a long train. But you can opt out of it if you want. The length also determines the cut of your dress. If you opt for long wedding dresses, the cuts and styles available are A-line, mermaid-cut and sheath cut.

    *  If yours is a typical traditional wedding, select the most sober neckline. A sweetheart neckline can be too deep-not really on the traditional side. A v neck looks sophisticated and high class. For more simplicity, cowl neckline works the best. Halter or strapless or one shoulder-all these will also have different neckline. Considering it is your wedding, feel the most comfortable and at ease. There might be a few butterflies in your tummy for obvious reasons, but the reason shouldn’t have anything to do with your dress.

    Finally select a warm fabric that will keep you warm and cozy and select the best accessories to complement your Christmas wedding dress.

  • Posted :   Nov 22nd, 2011

    Mismatch is mostly used as the last option by many young girls and ladies who are more often than not left with not too many options for a party or even a casual outing. However these days if you look around with a detailed eye, mismatch is like the “in” thing. It looks cool and with this you can makes the most of your already existing wardrobe. You don’t really have to kill your soul and shell out hefty amounts to buy new clothes every season.

    Why not take a look at some of the best methods tried and tested.

    If you have a pair of jeans the best way to make the best out for them is add some glamour and latest style to it. The best way is by adding patches or color to your jeans. Then check if you have some cute and pretty shirts, tee-shirts or even halter or tank tops. Bring them out and pair it with your old jeans. Because you have revamped it definitely will look hot and funky. For a party or a casual hang out this can be the best outfit for you so far. A jeans and a sexy top with it. The remaining make-up and accessories stuff can be done accordingly.

    If you have a pretty party dress – of any type, be it one shoulder, strapless or sweetheart neckline and if you know you still are in love with it. But have worn it too many times, so the here is a deal. I am sure like every other lady you do have a jacket. Can be leather or fabric. Pick a jacket that will complement your dress and wear it over it. You can either zip it up or keep it open. The ideal way would be to zip it up since then it will only show the skirt part of your dress. And it will make it look like an altogether new dress.

    You can pick any cloth from your wardrobe and wear it almost anything else in your closet. Only that it should be complementing and pleasing to the eye. Mismatch shouldn’t happen in a weird way.

  • Posted :   Nov 21st, 2011

    The 2011 American Music Awards like every other music awards was a true rocker event. With many hot chicks and dudes, the event was even more beautiful and glamorous. Many stars swept away too many awards. They were well-deserving. Like always we are going to discuss about a few well dressed or rather the best dressed celebrities who graced the Awards ceremony. Their presence increased the fashion quotient and made the whole event look like one big fairytale.

    This year the event saw many metallic shades. Almost every other celebrity was seen wearing a metallic shaded dress.Jennifer Hudson wore a silver color short dress. The dress had a cowl neckline and inside of it was a white color slip. She wore the perfect accessories and the perfect make-up. The best part about her look was that she carried it off elegantly and with confidence.

    Taylor Swift couldn’t contain her happiness when she was awarded the artist of the year award. The kind of dress she wore also reflected her mood. Her dress was a floor touching dress with a strapless pattern. Her whole dress had beautiful shimmers and bead work done. She shined throughout the event-Because of her dress and also because she was proud of herself. So was everyone else!

    Young actress Jenny Mc Carthy wore a pretty purple color dress. Her dress was short and puffed up a little. The neckline was high with shirt sleeves. Around the waist was a dark grey belt. To add more glamour she wore black color high heels shoes. With hair flowing on one side, she looked stunning and mesmerizing.

    Heidi Klum again wore a metallic shaded dress that was short and elegant. Her dress was a sleeveless piece with a high neckline and embroidery work done at the top of the dress. Peep-toes that are always in fashion are what this damsel wore for one of the most prestigious awards this year.

    The stars mentioned above can be put into the category of the best dressed celebrities. Though most of them wore metallic shades, each dress looked distinct and magnificent.

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