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  • Posted :   Sep 30th, 2011

    Pregnancy is one of the most important times of a lady’s life. Especially the first time would be mothers; they are all excited to bring a part of them into this world. But during pregnancies, ladies are most concerned about their clothes. Suddenly you feel like you have stepped into a world where everything is just so clueless for you.

    Pregnant ladies look out for comfort the most. They want a dress that will make them feel comfortable and at ease. Some with comfort also look for stylish maternity dresses just like all our celebrities who have looked cute in those pretty maternity dresses or gowns. Here is a look into some celebrities who looked cute in their baby bumps.

    Angelina Jolie also wore a glamorous dress with spaghetti straps and a deep v-neckline. The dress was in light color and the bottom of the skirt has layers and looks gorgeous.  She paired it with sunglasses and a bag. She looked absolutely comfortable and at ease. Her dress gave her enough space to breathe.

    Jessica Alba has been by far been the best dressed ladies in the pregnant lot. Her dresses are really cute and pleasant to watch. She has been spotted by paparazzi several times wearing cute and pretty maternity dresses. In one of her shows she wore a beautiful white color, long dress. The dress looked simple yet classy. It has normal sleeves, round neckline, a band around the waist and a ruched skirt that runs in A-line. It looked stunning and she looked very cheerful and comfortable in the same. Take a cue from her as to how to remain fashionable even during pregnancy.

    Sarah Drew looked pretty in her pink dress that looked shiny and glowy. It was strapless with patterns in small cute shapes all over. Her dress she chose to keep it short but she carried it off effortlessly.

    Maternity gowns are specially designed for ladies who want to show off or hide their bump. Either way you will find a dress that will suit your criteria. So go ahead follow these celebrities who are always high on fashion and enjoy each day of your pregnancy in style.


  • Posted :   Sep 29th, 2011

    A pretty dress or an outfit a make you go down in fashion if not paired with stylish footwear. The footwear has to be chosen very carefully, it should be comfortable so that you can walk around easily and look comfortable carrying your beguiling dress in style, if you are seen limping around then its obvious that the footwear is comfortable though it may look trendy.

    This season cold showcases some of the most beautiful footwear you have ever seen, while designers like Kensie Girl are making a comeback, the most comfortable name in footwear Dr.Martens is not left behind. The best to select a shoe is checking what the celebrities are wearing. If your shoes have worn out and you are planning to get a new pair then you are definitely at the right place….Check what the celeb’s are donning…

    Footwear range a lot from casual to formal and remember that shoes speak a lot about your personality. This year there are some interesting details in boots they are available in zippers, faux fur, fleece, buckles and much more. This season you are going to be surprised with some huge zippers and buckles that are highlighted on your boots. The Batu is back in its most sophisticated plaid form, considered as the perfect holiday footwear and is perfect for the cold weather.

    The sexy model Heidi Klum was recently spotted wearing a sexy black leather skirt which was paired with classy B Brian Atwood’s classy designer footwear at the QVC fashion week. These classy sandals feature T-shaped leather straps with fringes.

    The talented actress Naomi Watts was seen wearing a beautiful one piece dress which was paired with stylishly designed Aperlai’s edgy asymmetric sandals at a film festival in France.

    When discussing about footwear how can you forget the sexy lass Sarah Jessica Parker. The girl known for the famous stilettos from Sex and the City. She is back in action with a new movie rolled up in her sleeves; she was seen at the Fashion Night Out event at New York wearing the charlotte Olympia’s velvet pumps with slender heels.

    Now its time for some boots from Dr. Martens

    Pixie Geldof was recently seen wearing a pair of sexy Dr Martens boots. The ankle length boots did full justice to the mid thigh length skirt which was combined with the classy leather jacket.

    Emma Roberts was spotted in a Dr. Martens ankle length boots which looked stunning complementing the actress’s personality.

    For new updates in fashion  keep visiting this site…….

  • Posted :   Sep 28th, 2011

    Celebrities when walk down the red carpet, they look like a total diva. Catching everyone by their breath most of them do like stars descended on earth. And every single fan of theirs wait with baited breathe to see their stars sweep away all the awards and more than that they most likely are to watch their dresses.

    Fashion is followed by ordinary people by looking at their favorite celebrities or by reading fashion magazines. Here is a look into few of them who not only wore beautiful dresses but also carried trendy and sophisticated clutched with them. Considering a lot has been written about red carpet dresses, this time let’s focus on the many styles of red clutches.

    Perrey Reeves looked stunning in the recent Emmy awards. She wore a whitecolor gown with a maroon color clutch. The clutch wasn’t matching but instead she chose to use one with a contrasting color. The clutch was in dark red with a sash hanging. It was in blend with her dress


    Katherine Heighl went a bit too far with her very deep and cleavage showing golden color outfit. The outfit with a high slit looked sexy. She carried her dress with matching silver-white clutch. The clutch was in rectangular shape and it added glamour to her look. Her clutch definitely looked like a high profile one.


    Hayden Panetteire looked dazzling in her beautifully cut black color dress which had one beaded straps. Her dress is sparkling and to finish the look she carried a matching clutch. The clutch is big and golden in color. It looked pretty with beautiful golden opening and a combination of golden and silver.


    Julie Bowen wore a dress with a deep and plunging neckline. Her dress in shades of grey and black and she carried it off well with a big clutch that is black in color with a silver line at the opening of the clutch. Her clutch was big enough to carry all her necessary make-up items.

    All these stars carried a clutch that would suit their personality and fashion style. Every clutch mentioned above looked unique and spectacular in its own terms.



  • Posted :   Sep 27th, 2011

    Fall season is around the corner and look your best in pretty fall dresses along with perfect make-up. Here are a few examples of celebrities in hot fall make-up.

    Miranda Kerr, a model looked stunning with her sober yet classy make-up. For the eye she used nude colors and she highlighted her cheeks using a light red shade. Her lips were cherry red and she put gloss over it to give that perfect shine. Her lips did look luscious and sexy.

    Lea Michelle looked smokey with her eye make-up. She highlighted her eye by applying mascara and making her eyelashes look full and thick. Grayish black eyeliner which was extended till the outer eye and also a little blend at the lower part gave the whole cat eyes look.  The lips were kept simple with a very light pink and gloss over it. It looked very pretty. Over all she looked like a cute doll.

    Taylorswift looked very pretty and feminine in her beautifully chosen make-up. She looks gorgeous because she used colors that suited her face and skin tone. For the eyes she used colors that had shimmer in it. She used colors like silver and shiny green for the eye. Her eyelashes stood out because she highlighted those outwards and that gave it a thicker look.

    All the above mention stars looked individually hot and sexy because the make-up they opted for was in blend with their face, hair, dress and also skin tone. It is not difficult to achieve these looks. You just need to be well researched about every make-up product and you should also have an idea about what will suit and what will not.

    For darker skin, avoid bold shaded until you are a big fashionista and are sure of carrying it off. And for lighter shades, you can always go for colors that are bold and dark. When buying products ensure that they are authentic and of a good quality. Just for a little savings do not compromise on your skin. Bad products will give you bad skin days. So look like a celebrity by applying the right make-up this fall season.


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