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  • Posted :   Aug 30th, 2011

    MTV music awards show which took place recently was an event filled with glamour and the much expected drama. Every star looked gorgeous in her/his own distinct style. This award show was watched by many for many reasons like watching their favorite star sweep away every award or to check which celebrity has worn what.

    These award shows are source of fashion for many.  Let’s take a look into various celebrities and their styles:
    Beyonce Knowles, a singer loved by most of them wore an orange colored long gown. The dress or less looked like a caftan. She carried it with a nice hairdo and long earrings. Her dress was one shoulder and she looked stunning especially with her cute baby bump.

    Beyonce MTV Award

    Katie Homes looked much younger to her age in the short dress that she wore. She wore a dress with prints and normal sleeves. The dress had a band or a sash around in black. The dress looked very girly and cute. She left her hair open and wore a boot with it. Nothing she wore was wrong. She just looked amazing.

    Katie Holmes mtv awards

    Singer Miley Cyrus wore a dress that not many wound not wear. Her dress was long and floor touching and the neck was high leaving with no skin show. She opted for full sleeves. Basically she was fully covered. The dress she wore had bold prints of flowers and leaves on her skirt. It looked fabulous in her because has carried it off very well. And no one could have carried it in a similar manner. She tied her hair up in a bun and wore a pretty neckpiece and earrings with it.

    Singer Miley Cyrus awards

    Singer Katy Perry who won MTV top award looked very uniquely cool and chic in her wisely chosen dress. The dress was Asian inspired attire. The dress had blossoms that were pink in color and little beads over the dress. The dress was short in length and her pink colored hair looked perfect with the dress. And her short dress had a slit that made it look sexier.

    Singer Katy Perry award

    Many other celebrities looked pretty while there were still some who looked a little out of the box.  Now which of these styles will suit you, you know it the best.

  • Posted :   Aug 29th, 2011

    summer-wearsSummers are basically vacation time. It is a time to be enjoyed especially with many trendy dresses. Summer season just like any other season also comes with a new collection of summer dresses. And summers being fun time, many parties are hosted across the neighborhood. Now that’s what puts these summer dresses to use. You don’t have to stick to a particular style this season. Experiment with your looks wisely and it surely will be a success.
    Play with colors:
    Being a season of heat, don’t opt for colors like black or maroon. Keep the color of your dresses light and girly. Yellow, pink, white and blue are the colors that can be chosen for your trendy summer dress. It will look feminine and fun-filled also it will keep you away from the heat. Fuchsia is a color that is a rage among many ladies. It is latest in fashion trends. You can come across many dresses that are pretty in this dress. Avoid black at any cost. It will make you feel hotter.
    Experiment with Styles and Cuts:
    You don’t have to be covered from head to toe in a monotonous pattern. You can always experiment with the styles and cuts. A dress with a thigh slit or a dress that is knee-length o a strapless neckline are the many patterns you can go for. And they are not difficult to find. Every fashion designer has invented summer dresses in unimaginable styles. You can always wear an off shoulder or a sweetheart neckline dress. It looks hi but practically keeps you away from the heat. You will comfortable and have some space to breathe in.
    For a more casual look, you can always wear a short and a simple tee-shirt. It looks casual and funky too. For summers it works the best. Maxi dresses are the latest in the fashion market. They are the highest in comfort and style. The skirt that flows freely keeps the dress comfortable and the different patterns that are available in the same make it voguish.
    Summers are to be enjoyed and not loathed. So make every moment of it in these cute summer dresses.

  • Posted :   Aug 26th, 2011

    Bridesmaid Dresses Styles.A bridesmaid dress is more than just something worn to compliment the bride. It is something that the one you’ve chosen as your bridesmaid cherishes and attaches memories to. Bridesmaid dresses, today, are not just satin creations – they are adorable outfits that keep in line with the most gorgeous of fashion trends.

    • Bridesmaid Dress Styles

    The dress styles are versatile and are mainly dependent on the bride and her choice. Today’s styles are more relaxed and casual. If you’re still thinking the conventional structured satin prom outfit think again. Times have changed and so have the styles.

    One of the most popular styles is undoubtedly empire waist dresses. They suit a whole lot of body shapes and sizes. Cocktail length again is a fabulous choice for the same reason. A line dresses also look good, especially for outdoor summer and spring weddings on beaches or in gardens.

    Another awesome style rocking the fashion world is baby doll dresses. They look adorable and make the wearer look rather attractive.

    • Bridesmaid Dress Colours

    The fabric and color of a bridesmaid dress adds that extra oomph to the perfect bridesmaid dress style. Of course, your bridal party needs to look well co ordinate too. So it could be a bit tricky making sure that your choice of colors suits their skin and body type while infusing them into your bridal troop.

    Some of the most beautiful bridesmaid dress colors this season include pewters and platinums. Taupes, fuchsias, pale greens and yellows are excellent choices.

    • Bridesmaid Shoes and Accessories

    It’s your call if you would like your bridesmaid dresses and jewelry to be consistent or just their dresses. Decide if you want a particular jewellery base like gold, silver or artificial stones.

    Shoes are another fun option. Metallic colors are rather popular. Gold, platinum and silver look excellent. Shoes stykes should be both comfortable and trendy. You can select from kitten heels, stilettos or ballerinas. Comfort is of essence as you may be standing for a while.

  • Posted :   Aug 25th, 2011

    finding a perfect dressFor a fashion aficionado picking any kind of dress is a joyful experience. But this joy has also has its share of confusions especially regarding the style, pattern, cut and color. Before buying any kind of gown be it evening gowns, ball gowns or wedding gowns there are criteria to keep in mind.

    With a few tips you are sure to find the perfect dress.

    Ensure that any dress you pick complements your body type. Any dress or gown however beautiful it is will look pretty and nice only if it suits your body type. For example: If you have a pear shaped body go for a dress that will flatter your heavy hips. A –line gowns are the best pick. A –line dresses have flared up skirts so it helps in giving you a slimmer effect. This is just one example. Follow this rule for any other body types.

    Any dress that accentuates your best features and hides your flaws will be the best gown that you have picked.

    After this, think about the color of the dress. Your skin tone should blend nicely with the color of your dress. If you are fair in color you can unhesitatingly pick a color that is bold. For example: Shocking red will look smoking hot on a fair girl. Similarly sober colors like a black or a navy blue will undoubtedly look good on a tan lady. But there are no hard and fast rules that a girl who is dark in skin cannot wear a red. A red colored gown can definitely be worn by her but only if the lady can carry it off with poise and elegance.

    These 2 are the most important criteria. Once you have overcome this the rest will be an easy task. The trend or the style of the dress is a personal choice. If you want to wear a strapless sheath cut gown, then you can. But if you are not comfortable wearing a strapless you can also wear a sleeved gown. The word trend doesn’t mean you have to follow what’s in market. Sometimes it is also about creating your own trend. So pick what you like the best and what you think will complement you the best.

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