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  • Posted :   Jul 30th, 2011

    Let me put it this way that One shoulder dresses do have a glamorous spirit and is seen as ultra chic fashion trend. It has dominated the red carpet and worn by many celebrities who look magnificent in those designer one shoulder dresses and gowns.

    Stop being a plebian and walk the high fashion street in style wearing one shoulder dresses. Be ready for any red carpet in this intoxicating celebrity style one shoulder gowns and dress. Let’s give you a sneak peek into the fashionable world of one shoulder dresses and gowns and check out who is wearing them and where are they wearing them to

    Party Wear: – Now looking at the sophistication of the dress lets check out as to which parties’ can you wear them to and what should be the style and color.

    Wedding Parties: – A perfect occasion to wear a one shoulder dress and do not wear white as I am sure you do not want to give the bride a competition and take away all her attention especially if she is your friend or sister. Opt for bold colors which will make you look enigmatic.

    Cocktail Parties: – If you wish to be the cynosure of all eyes and want all your girlfriends to envy for taking all the attention then this is exactly the dress you should be looking for. Opt for a dress instead of a gown as gowns are good for weddings. Select a colorful ensemble with matching accessories and jewelry and put on a cheerful smile as you have all the reason to smile and rock the party in style.

    Here is a quick help on how to select a perfect one shoulder dress: -

    A sleeveless one shoulder dress looks great on celebrities and if you have worked your way to kick out all the flab then this is the right attire for you. It is the right time to show off your toned arm in a lovely dress

    If you have not exercised or for some reason did not have the time to do so…..then do not be disappointed. A one shoulder dress with cap sleeves is the right option for you.

  • Posted :   Jul 29th, 2011

    Wedding can be formal or casual and so can be the wedding dress. Weddings organized at a church or ball room are formal and require formal attire and the ones organized on beaches and forests are casual and need casual attire.

    Some people love attending weddings for amazing food and wine and I also get to comment on the brides and grooms wedding attire. Well if you have someone like that attending your wedding and is not a close friend then you need to be careful of you attire.

    Here are some of the latest casual and traditional 2011 wedding attires; follow these and be safe and look trendy: -

    Use fabrics like chiffon, crepe, silk for outdoor weddings to the natural factors like humidity and heat. For indoor wedding you can opt for any material and long gowns.

    A detailed bodice work is one that has actually been included in the latest trend; they have the ability to make you look like a princess. The length of the dress and the color is chosen that matches the environment.

    Give importance to the upper part of the wedding dress as the work done on the upper part is what is going to be highlighted. If you wish not to wear a regular white color wedding dress then it’s a good decision try wearing colors like baby pink, or light blue in crepe or tulle fabric as they look great.

    A black cocktail dress is the latest wedding dress trend which is being accepted by many brides. Black is very dominating color so avoid wearing for outdoor weddings; but for indoors it will just go fine.

    When shopping for a wedding dresses try to keep things simple and straightforward. Usually all fashion boutiques keep updating their latest trends; but if you are planning to shop online then once should be aware of what you are looking for and what wish to buy.

    Have fun! And wish you a happily married life………..

  • Posted :   Jul 28th, 2011

    One of the most favorite style icons of England and an excellent footballer often takes fashion advice from his fashion designer wife Victoria. His style is followed by many youngsters and since then he has been the ambassador for many fashion brands.

    The former spice girl and the 36 year old fashion designer is well known for her the perfect appearance at the Royal wedding. She is always stylishly dressed and never fails to disappoint the fashion enthusiasts with her fashion knowledge. Posh spice has been the trendsetter for many years and is known for amazing fashion knowledge and for her handsome footballer husband David Beckham.

    The ex Manchester United footballer has already launched many scent brands and is now planning to launch his new collection with a cosmetic brand called David Beckham Homme which will be launched in September.

    To purchase a David Beckham like outfit one can always log in to the internet and search for web shops that actually sell the stars jerseys and his famous outfits. These web stores are easy to find and can be bought at the convenience of your home.

    Many retail as well web outlets often follow celebrity names to promote their designs and these outfits can actually be bought for a very reasonable price. These stores offer the David Beckham style outfits at cheaper prices as they are not original and are easily available online. Place your order well in advance and give correct measurements when it comes to shopping online as you cannot try the dress before paying for it.

    When shopping online always shop from your trusted website and be careful when providing your credit card number as there are many scamsters who will take your money happily.

    To look like David Beckham one can always don the kind of clothes he wears but where will get Posh spice from?

  • Posted :   Jul 27th, 2011

    Do you look at movie stars and go, “How I wish I had that skin or glow”? If yes, here is good news for all you ladies who want to stay beautiful throughout the day. Movie stars look perfectly beautiful because of the heavy make-up. Without make-up each one of them has a very normal skin like any of us.

    Ok, so here you go. Want to buy cosmetic products, but don’t know what and where and how? Cosmetics industry is booming right now thanks to all the ladies who want to lap up these cosmetic products. Let me give you a few tips on buying cosmetic products.

    * When you buy any cosmetic product, please buy something that is branded. Don’t go for those cheap ones. Your normal skin may turn bad.

     * Eyes are very delicate. Using an eye-liner or mascara of a good company keeps your eye beautiful and protected. Eye is one of the best feature most of the girls have. So highlight it.

     * Always buy cosmetic in wholesale. It’s always economical. No when I say that, please check that the whole seller has permission by the brands to sell them. There is much duplicate stuff being sold out.

    * Do enough research before you buy anything. Scan through many websites and compare the prices and ingredients in each product. Do not believe advertisements.

    * Always take recommendations from people who have already used that particular product and have been satisfied with the results.

    * If you are looking for skin care products, get your skin type checked and then buy something.

    * Don’t buy products with harmful chemicals in it like synthetic dye. There are many companies that use natural ingredients. Go for them.

    * Check the manufactured and expiry date every time you buy something. You don’t want to buy anything that is ages old.

    * If you are looking for say lip-gloss, check which company specializes in lip-gloss. This way you can be sure about the quality of the product.

    Buying cosmetics is not really a difficult task if you do a refined search. These beauty tips should be useful. Apart from them the colors and shades-I am sure you know what suits you the best .

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