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  • Posted :   May 30th, 2011

    Ironically old is now the newest trend to hit the fashion world and the older the better. Yes, I’m talking vintage styles. Vintage dresses from the 30s, 40s, 50s all the way to the 90s are becoming a serious craze and how. Sadly, style never comes cheap – not even if it’s from a bygone era. Of course, you get lovely vintage dresses at department stores and boutiques but be prepared to shell out a bomb or alternatively you could save a whole lot of money and order a beautiful vintage dress for yourself online.

    You may not be able to finger the fabric or try on the item. However, the payoff in convenience and an almost unlimited selection may make you a convert. All you need to learn and master is the basics of purchasing clothes online.

    Before you set out to browse through and purchase your vintage gown online, you need to pick out a measuring tape and need to measure your chest, waist, hips, arm length. Always select online clothing sites which provide you with plenty of information about their clothes via high-quality photos and detailed descriptions, dimensions and sizing information.

    Always remember that the dresses you might pick will look great on the model but may not look the same on you. Keep your body type in mind when you select a dress. Virtual model technology at sites like help you see how your choice of vintage dress will look on a generic model or on one that you customize with your weight, height and body shape, so you can virtually try before you make the purchase.

    All clothing websites have contact numbers. Contact customer service by phone or e-mail with any questions not addressed by the site’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) area. Always check on the credentials of the website since you will be giving your credit card details. Always read the fine print prior to clicking the button to finalize your order. Also do read reviews about the website online. You may get a heads up about the website.

    So go ahead, pick out your perfect vintage dress for yourself and make an impression.

  • Posted :   May 30th, 2011

    A wedding dress is the obviously the focus of attention in a wedding and it accentuates itself with the season in which it is held. Usually, summer weddings are chosen on the basis of choice of an outdoor location. It could be held at parks, beaches, gardens or backyards – all of which add more color to the wedding.

    Quite obviously, your summer wedding dress of choice must essentially be breathable and light because a sweating bride or groom will be the last sight anybody will want to have in a wedding. It would be uncomfortable for you and a hot mess is the last thing you want to be on your wedding day. It is of course not absolutely essential to have a white formal summer wedding dress. It can also be in other hues of light colors like light pink, blue and so on. The decision is entirely up to the bride.

    A summer wedding obviously means plenty of glorious sunshine. But it also means that the fabric is crucial in the summer wedding dress. Light fabrics like light weight silk or satin would be far better and it is advisable to avoid gaudy attire with bright colors and a long train. However, please do remember that satin stains easily so you would want to be careful about that. A summer wedding dress with sleeveless, backless or halter would be good options. These dresses would go great with the mood of the event as well as the warmth of the season.

    In fact, shorter dresses rather than longer ones are perfect for summers. They help the bride to stay cooler and of course it is vital to choose a design that would flatter the figure of the bride. When you choose shorter hemlines, remember that it should not pass as a formal dress and still have a bit of lace and tulle to set it apart as a wedding gown. You don’t want the guests to look more dressed up than you. This is the season to flaunt the figure and a summer wedding dress will be remembered for ever.

  • Posted :   May 26th, 2011

    The Little Black Dress or the LBD is one outfit that will happily find its way in every woman’s wardrobe because black is the one gorgeous color that makes women of all sizes and shapes look fantastic. Most women have no trouble choosing that perfect LBD. However, they do have issues picking out the right accessories to match the dress.

    Here is a list of some fun accessories to totally ‘fun up’ your black dress:

    1. Add pantyhose:

    Pantyhose kind of provide the finishing touch to the elegant look. Sheer black or gray tinted pantyhose make for an excellent choice when it comes to evening wear. Colored tights could also work with a black dress so long as the color matches with other accessories and blends with your skin tone and age.

    2. Right shoes:

    Dressing up the little black dress with shoes is a significant part of the look because the shoes can provide contrasting color or style to the dress. They are kind of like the feature piece of the dress and everyone’s eyes are naturally drawn. Classic evening shoes that go well with a little black dress include ballet slipper flats, single-strap slingback sandals, or pumps.

    3. Jewelry:

    The little black dress works as the perfect backdrop for showing off your favorite jewelry pieces. Necklaces that fit the neckline, a brooch pinned in a cute spot, or an updo with daring earrings – all work great with the LBD. The list is rather endless as far as combos go! You can choose to add sparkle or if you wish something self colored or if you’re in the mood for it then something contrasting all together.

    4. Add a belt:

    If you think your Little Black Dress can handle it, then add a belt! It can provide a very emphatic contrasting feature on your little black dress. Select a belt for color, texture, glamour, or pattern. The only concern is to ensure that it fits well with the dress as a whole – check the complete look in the mirror.

    5. Add a scarf:

     If you like wearing scarves, this can make a pretty addition to a black dress.

  • Posted :   May 24th, 2011

    At some point in the early times, something happened to the wardrobe vocabulary. Classic a term more often put on wine and vehicles became the smuggest word popular.

    Compliment a woman on her outfit, and you might expect a wry grin that implied: “You understand you want it, however, you just can’t have it.” Classic meant you had thought it was yourself by truffling it in an obscure rubbish shop or subterranean fashionista jumbo sale. It stated: “I am original a person and not a current fashion trends clone.” And so it’s remained.

    The truth is that classic dresses have become a victim of their own success. It’s not only at street degree that vintage is actually losing its appeal. High fashion hasn’t looked therefore forward since quite a long time.

    In addition, the passage of time provides the vintage buyer a couple of guarantees not available towards the buyer of new style; the designer and also the piece have each passed the test of time.

    This is the key to the actual clichéd puzzlement of the cultural historian: tend to be today’s artists substandard to those of the past? Regardless of the answer, the more essential aspect is that time may be the master winnower. Fashion that endures for a long term is discipline is what the best is.

    The marketplace exaggerates the discount about the vintage piece due to wear and tear real or even expected. This anomaly provides the knowledgeable vintage purchaser an opportunity to acquire the best in our fashion heritage from bargain prices, supplied certain conditions are fulfilled.

    Let’s look at the discount rates that the market pertains to the vintage product and see if they are called for. The most obvious discount is perfect for wear and tear. A brand new custom dress is by description in mint condition. Therefore, the market is right to use an appropriate discount for any vintage item, based on its condition.

    It’s clear that the individual and discriminating enthusiast of vintage dresses can expect in the many years ahead, not only the actual aesthetic enjoyment of the growing collection, but additionally an investment return which should outstrip what financial property will produce.

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