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  • Posted :   Apr 30th, 2011

    curl hairCurly hair and kinky hair are just not easy to manage. African Americans regularly suffer from hair issues and yet they seem to manage it so beautifully that the world looks u to them for fun hair dressing ideas! A lot of people opt for relaxing and constantly straightening kinky and curly hair. This could lead to a variety of problems like:

    • Hair loss
    • Hair breakage
    • Over processed hair
    • Dull, dry or limp hair

    A large amount of women love to straighten kinky hair. It probably makes sense considering how hard it is to manage. Just make sure of two things. The first is volume. Sometimes even voluminous kinky hair could boil down to only a few strands after straightening. This could make your hair look thin and unhealthy. Also ensure that while straightening your hair, you use only delicate and branded chemical relaxers. The wrong brand of chemical relaxers, especially those with lye in them, can cause more damage to your hair than straightening it constantly. Learn to give your hair a little rest. You can braid your hair till then.

    Another reason for poor quality of hair is a poor diet. Lack amino acids, vitamins and minerals in your daily diet can lead to limp and dull hair. No amount of conditioning it or pampering it will make it look better.

    If you are experiencing hair breakage, then fear not. About 41% of American women admit to suffering this on a daily basis. The first thing you need to know is that an average person loses about 50 to 200 hairs each day. So do not panic, every time you see a single strand lying about. Hair breakage constitutes immense hair loss, embarrassing bald spots or probably the need to use a wig! The best way to tackle hair loss is to do something about it immediately. Both home remedies and external products are available for this.

    Out hair is the crowning point of our appearance. Whether we dress up in a gorgeous party gown or head out in just a casual dress, our hair contributes tremendously to our appearance.

  • Posted :   Apr 29th, 2011

    What do you think is the difference between today’s wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and everyone else’s? There is a bride and groom in both! There is plenty of cheer and crying in both! The difference of course lies in the money sent on the wedding and the logistics involved!

    The royal wedding is a public spectacle n itself – once again something you would not be having and is supposedly costing the happy couple a whopping GBP 80 million. Now your budget may be a little lesser than that but you can be assured of a grand wedding yourself. The idea is to make the most of what you’ve got.

    The highlight of the royal wedding of course has to be Kate Middleton’s wedding gown just like the highlight of your wedding will be yours. Of course every single detail of your wedding may not be compared to that of Princess Diana’s but that does not mean that you take any less time picking out the bridal gown.

    Your whole wedding may cost you about USD 27,000 on an average including the flowers, music photography and party favors. The royal wedding costs 10 times the amount in pounds! But then again the royal couple does not have to spend on a venue since Buckingham Palace is quite easily at their disposal. Then again the caterers are coming free too!

    For obvious reasons the wedding reception will be a colossal undertaking. There will be two reception parties hosted by the queen and Prince Charles. The queen will be inviting about 600 guests for a breakfast reception while Prince Charles will be hosting a dinner reception for about 300 guests.

    There are loads and loads of speculation about Kate’s wedding dress. People have been betting on everything from a vintage wonder to an ivory piece by reputed designers! Thankfully for you, there is not as much pressure! Always pick out a gown that flatters you to the limit and makes you look fantastic! You may not be the future princess of England but you deserve just as much of praise and attention!

  • Posted :   Apr 28th, 2011

    shoesIf the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot? –Gloria Steinem

    When you are utterly confused about what to wear with what and what to match with the wear then you need to calm down, take a deep breath and figure out what you want to highlight. There are always two options. Would you like to highlight that fabulous cocktail dress or would you like your accessories like your shoes to take the brunt of the focus?

    Sometimes the dress you choose plays the first violin. In that case something understated always works best. You need to highlight the dress and downplay the shoes a tiny bit. Always keep in mind that you need to match the feel of the shoe with the feel of the dress. Sometimes a glamorous dress calls for a glamorous shoe!

    Picking out shoes for colored dresses can get a bit tricky. A pair of red shoes with a red dress would look over coordinated plus appear like you’re trying too hard. In case of solid colors like reds or blues or greens try and opt for slightly contrasting shoes like a metallic grey or a sparkling burgundy.

    In case you want your shoes to take all the focus think Carrie from Sex and the City. Work on contrasts. Pick bright colored shoes with flashy details like a huge satin bow or ruffles or metallic embellishments. You have to ensure that the remaining of your accessories also matches. Also ensure that your dress is on the plain side. Flashy shoes with a flashy dress may just cause an onlooker to get blinded!

    Most women love shoes and have plenty of pairs. In fact sometimes, the shoes are more expensive than the dress they pair it with! Pumps usually work fantastically with short cocktail or party or prom dresses. They also help keep the foot steady. Glittering sandals work better with long cocktail or party or prom dresses.

    The most important factor while purchasing shoe to match your party dress is to remember that you need to be comfortable in it.

  • Posted :   Apr 27th, 2011

    So much is written and said about how to dress for parties and how to walk at parties and what kind of jewelry and make up works with what. How about a casual outing? Sometimes some parties just do not need you to dress up much. A casual outfit would do perfectly. That’s when the problems strike. The traditional LBD (little black dress) may not work; a heavy flowing gown wouldn’t do either while a sparkly short prom dress might be overdoing it! How do you dress then

    The ideal option is a casual dress. A pair of denims for a casual outing may seem too under dressed. Instead a simple cotton dress or a delicate chiffon dress with minimal work will do perfectly. Summer dresses are actually the most ideal of the lot. They look adorable. They look smart yet not too over dressed or under dressed. Te whole combination is perfect. With the season of spring well on its way, summer dresses make for an ideal combination

    Always select patterns that flatter your body type. If you are comfortable with shorter hemlines then go for it. Just remember to keep in mind the theme of your outing though! Sometime a hemline that is too short may not be ideal. Long dresses are not too bad an idea although short. Knee length or just below the knees is preferable.

    Remember to pick out light materials. Heavy stuff like satin or silk may not seem like such a good idea and don’t blend well with casual outings. However materials like cotton or sometimes even lace look fantastic for an evening out. Bright colors are the way to go. The look adorable and add to the light atmosphere. Dark colors work too but if you get the chance to wear lighter and brighter shades, do so.

    Remember to go easy on the makeup and jewelry. Opt for casual shoes as well. A heavy dosage of heels and makeup may kill the entire effect. Remember to keep it simple. The whole beauty of a casual dress lies in its simplicity mixed with feminism.

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