• Posted :   May 30th, 2011

    A wedding dress is the obviously the focus of attention in a wedding and it accentuates itself with the season in which it is held. Usually, summer weddings are chosen on the basis of choice of an outdoor location. It could be held at parks, beaches, gardens or backyards – all of which add more color to the wedding.

    Quite obviously, your summer wedding dress of choice must essentially be breathable and light because a sweating bride or groom will be the last sight anybody will want to have in a wedding. It would be uncomfortable for you and a hot mess is the last thing you want to be on your wedding day. It is of course not absolutely essential to have a white formal summer wedding dress. It can also be in other hues of light colors like light pink, blue and so on. The decision is entirely up to the bride.

    A summer wedding obviously means plenty of glorious sunshine. But it also means that the fabric is crucial in the summer wedding dress. Light fabrics like light weight silk or satin would be far better and it is advisable to avoid gaudy attire with bright colors and a long train. However, please do remember that satin stains easily so you would want to be careful about that. A summer wedding dress with sleeveless, backless or halter would be good options. These dresses would go great with the mood of the event as well as the warmth of the season.

    In fact, shorter dresses rather than longer ones are perfect for summers. They help the bride to stay cooler and of course it is vital to choose a design that would flatter the figure of the bride. When you choose shorter hemlines, remember that it should not pass as a formal dress and still have a bit of lace and tulle to set it apart as a wedding gown. You don’t want the guests to look more dressed up than you. This is the season to flaunt the figure and a summer wedding dress will be remembered for ever.

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