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  • Posted :   Sep 29th, 2010

    women-fashionA pretty looking dress or a gown can truly make a woman feel special and extraordinary. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a collection of trendy evening dresses. But there are a few points that you need to keep in mind before donning a pretty dress. You need to take the fit and your body type into consideration. The shape of the dress truly plays an important role in highlighting your personality and makes you stand out from the crowd. You need to be aware of your body structure and the type of dresses that exist. These two things are interconnected and play an important role in enhancing your appearance to the hilt.

    Type of dresses:

    Mermaid Cut Dresses

    This cut looks extremely voguish on women. It clings to your body till the knee and then flares out at the bottom. Women with a svelte frame will look extremely chic in a fish cut pattern. You can flaunt your pretty mermaid cut dress the way you want to; team it up with a bolero jacket or wear a strapless styled mermaid cut dress; and you will be all set to strut around with style and panache. Women with a petite frame should avoid wearing this style.

    Sheath dresses

    These kinds of dresses are generally hugging and have a well defined waist. If you have a curvaceous hour-glass figure; it would be a sin to not wear a pretty sheath dress. This pattern is truly high on the style quotient. You can experiment with plain colored sheath dresses like black, red or ivory, dresses with shutter pleats or chic looking bandage dresses. If you are fond of embellishments, experiment with dresses that have pretty stone and sequin embellishments on it.

    Full Skirt Dresses

    This is truly a very retro style. The skirt is generally voluminous. They generally look good on all body frames. Women with a petite frame should try and avoid this style. You can try a knee or a floor length full skirt dress depending on your personal taste. The full skirt effect gives a very dramatic effect to your appearance. This is a must try for women with a liking for unconventional styles.

    A-line Dresses

    This is the most common of all dress types and is worn by majority of women around. It’s a very chic style and generally suits all body types. The skirt is similar to the structure of an A. You can try an A-line dress with pleats or with an overlapping patter; there are options galore and every woman should make the most of it.

    Balloon dresses

    Balloon dresses are very much in vogue amongst the youth. The rolled up balloon kind of a hem looks very voguish. You can try balloon dresses which have deep v neckline, spaghetti straps etc. It’s apt for contemporary women who do not mind trying new styles. Empire waistlines, sash tie ups, bow appliqués etc; there a lot trendy styles available.




  • Posted :   Sep 20th, 2010

    grooming for eventGrooming is a new term altogether for the contemporary woman these days. It’s a term that’s not just restricted to enhancing your physical appearance but also having a confident body language. It’s about having a holistic approach towards developing a good personality. Grooming has become an essential part of our lifestyle these days. It helps us grow not just professionally but also in various other domains of our life. There are a lot of grooming experts these days who help the contemporary woman cope up with the pressures of the modern lifestyle. A few tips that would help you stand out from the colossal crowd.

    1. Dress appropriately and keep it subtle yet elegant. Wearing the right attire is half the battle won. Accompany your ensemble with a perpetual positive smile and you will be all set to sashay around with style.

    2. Try and have a neat appearance at your workplace. It makes a lot of difference and helps create an instant impression. 

    3. Indulge in a manicure and a pedicure regime at least once in a month. A career woman who is constantly on the move and needs to meet new people everyday should be excessively concerned about her appearance. 

    4. Excess of anything can be a mess. Right from the make up to the way you dress up, try and bring about a sophisticated appeal to your appearance.

    5. Wearing apt footwear along with your outfit is very essential. Some women think its fine to compromise on the footwear, but it’s the overall look that matters and it is definitely incomplete without a stylish pair of heels.

    6. Try and impart individuality to your personal style. A tinge of individuality in whatever you choose to wear is sure to make you look like a complete diva.

     7. Keep yourself updated with latest trends. You don’t have to be immersed in fashion magazines day in and day out; just a little observation, mixing and matching etc would help you strut around with absolute panache.

     8. The ability to project a confident and a positive image is what will make you earn all the brownie points. You have to make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin and loud pretentious behavior is a strict no-no.

    9. Avoid body odor and bad breath. Personal hygiene is one of the most integral steps in grooming. Use deodorant if you perspire a lot. Also regular use of mouthwash will help curb bad breath.

    Personal grooming is something every woman should opt for. Right from head to toe, every part of your body needs special care. When a confident demeanor is teamed up with a beautiful appearance, the combination is truly worth it. Grooming makes you feel good from within. There’s a certain feel good factor about taking care of you. Confidence and body language pay a pivotal role in the whole grooming process and is a great way of building up your personality in a positive way.

  • Posted :   Sep 14th, 2010


    Every woman longs for a flawless skin. A beautiful smooth skin is on the wish list of every contemporary woman. It may seem impossible to attain a clear blemish free skin, especially if you are a career oriented woman who has to meet the stressful demands of her workplace, commute daily and manage her home at the same time. A little bit of consistency and discipline is all you need to attain a pretty smooth skin; which you have probably seen only in advertisements and movies.
    These three steps are a must in your beauty regime;


    After a hard days work cleansing your skin and removing all the dust and bacteria that has settled onto your skin is very important. There are various options to choose from depending on your skin type. You can purchase cleansing lotion that is appropriate for your skin or can try cleansing it with milk which is sure to make you look fresh and clean. Aloe Vera based cleansers or cleansers with tea tree oil are good for oily skin and can help get you rid of marks and blemishes gradually.


    Toning is a process that helps restore the natural pH level of the skin. Tomato and cucumber juice are natural toners and can be applied for attaining that daily glow. Even aloe Vera based toners are good for all skin types.


    To regain the lost moisture it’s imperative to follow this third step. If you have an oily skin, go for an oil free moisturizer that will help with the instant glow on your face. Apply the moisturizer with clean hands using a gentle upward motion.

    Other tips that will help you keep those zits away from your face;

    • Exercise regularly- it helps in body circulation and helps have a natural glow on your face. If you are a workaholic, try to keep yourself active by taking the stairs or taking short walks during your break time. A sedentary lifestyle is not very good for your skin and shouldn’t become a habit in the long run.
    • A well balanced diet is hard to follow but just following a few imperatives like staying away from junk and oily food is going to prove to be a very healthy option for your skin. If there’s a festival around the corner and you have already messed up your regime; compensate by having a disciplined diet the next day.
    • Make it a point to clean your skin and remove the oil and dirt if you have an excessively oily skin.
    • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, smoking etc for getting rid of acne.
    • Get a clean up done every once in a month if you have an extremely oily skin. It will help you get rid of black and white heads on your skin. Oily skin is usually prone to such problems and one should take utmost care for achieving a smooth skin.
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