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  • Posted :   Jul 19th, 2010

    shopping tips

    There are times when our shopping experiences really disappoint us. This happens because at times we land up buying things out of impulse or without giving it much of a thought. It’s human to get attracted to beautiful packaging, misleading offers or just the look of the product. Shopping isn’t rocket science, but a lot of people whine about not being able to manage their budget and how they always land up buying the wrong things and take the wrong decisions .Your budget goes haywire only when you go for a mindless shopping spree. Every person has the ability to manage his purse strings effectively. The shopping game definitely has a few rules, and you follow them if you don’t want to regret what you spend on,

    For instance,

    • Buy prudently
    • Give your ‘impulsive behavior’ a break at times
    • Purchase things that suit you, your body type, personality, etc. When you are absolutely confident about the fact that you are investing on something worth it, go ahead with the decision
    • It’s fine to be a shopaholic, but refrain from making it an incorrigible habit

    Generally women are synonymous with the term ‘mindless shoppers’. It’s high time the contemporary woman breaks the myth and shows the world that if she is capable of taking home an exorbitant pay cheque, she also has the ability to handle her finances in the most prudent way.

    Here are a few tips to on how to spend judiciously on the most essential things that make a woman look good,

    Dress – There are a variety of trends thronging the fashion arena and there will be a new ones cropping up every now and then, but what would remain unchanged is the fact that the dress will only look good on us if it suits our body type and personality. A body hugging sheath dress wouldn’t look good on someone who is plump; likewise a flowing A-line dress with an empire waistline wouldn’t accentuate the curves of someone with an hourglass figure. Determining what looks good is only possible if it’s bought with the right amount of patience, application of knowledge and experience and incorporating a mish-mash of unconventional personal taste.

    Hairstyle -Hair is the most integral feature of our body and it plays an important role in highlighting our sex-appeal. Go for a hairstyle that suits your face cut. Styles like bob with layers, long straight hair with bangs, contemporary geometric styles, etc. are very much in vogue lately.

    Accessories – Don’t accessorize for the heck of it. There are certain dresses that don’t need to be accessorized at all. The plain look is considered quite chic these days. Carry bags that complement your body structure. Large sized bags look hideous on women with small body structures. You can experiment with stylish sling bags; designer hobo bags etc. anything that suits your personal taste.

  • Posted :   Jul 12th, 2010

    evening dressThe choices are unlimited when it comes to choosing the right footwear to wear with your pretty looking evening gown. It’s the whole package that matters when you have made up your mind on looking the best. Your whole look is incomplete without feminine footwear and it isn’t a task to find one that complements your evening dress. It’s not just about color coordinating anymore. Choosing the right type of footwear is equally imperative. Some dresses don’t look good with flats, some look good only with high pencil heels. A mismatched combination of a prettily tailored dress and disastrous footwear or vice-versa could ruin your whole look in a jiffy.

    Footwear that you can experiment with,

    Pointed Toe Pumps /Two Toe Pumps

    Pumps are sure to impart a very stylish look to your persona. The pointed toe pumps are a little pointed on the front or they are pumps that are generally closed or covered up on the front part of your foot. Two toe pumps are open in the front and they are quite versatile in a way. Make it a point to incorporate at least a red or black pair of pumps in your footwear collection. Pumps usually complement tea length, knee length or mini sheath dresses.


    Stilettos are a classic style. They make you look fantastically feminine. Stone studded stilettos look amazingly pretty with floor length gowns. Try wearing a ritzy floor length gown with a front slit teamed up with a pair of gorgeous stone studded stilettos.

    Gladiator Sandals/ heels

    The Grecian look is truly an unconventional style. They are the perfect accessory for your feet if you want to try something different. The straps extend a few inches above the ankle. They look extremely chic when combined with frilly skirts or denim dresses. They impart a very casual, fun and flirty look to your persona.


    Wedges are the most comfortable of all. They help you look taller and are supremely high on the comfort quotient. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, team up a trendy looking wedge with your light flowing summer dress and you will be all set to sashay around in style.


    Boots accentuate your sex appeal to the hilt. There are knee length as well as thigh high boots available. A chic pair of boots teamed up with a ruche dress or a mini halter dress looks really stylish. Women who have bold personalities and who can carry off this look with confidence should definitely try combining funky boots with their pretty evening dresses.

    Ankle wraps

    The name is self explanatory. Ankle wraps are truly high on style quotient. You can see myriad celebrities flaunting it lately. They impart a super sexy look to your persona. Try teaming up this style with short party dresses. This is truly a style worth experimenting.

  • Posted :   Jul 7th, 2010

    Just judging a dress by the look, fabric and pattern isn’t enough. There are a lot other features that you have to take into consideration while choosing the perfect outfit. One of the most important features is the neckline that can either make you look supremely pretty or a complete fashion disaster.necklinesThe neckline has to complement your body structure and flatter you. The neckline is generally the highlight of a dress and thereby it’s imperative to be aware on which neckline suits you and how many types exist. There are a variety of neckline patterns that play an integral role in accentuating your upper torso.

    Few popular Necklines,

    Plunging Neckline

    The front part of this kind of a neckline is very low. This is apt for women who want their dresses to be high on the glamour quotient and wouldn’t mind flaunting their cleavage.

    Sweetheart neckline

    The front part of this neckline takes the shape of a heart. This pattern has made quite an impact on women’s dresses and gowns. It imparts a very feminine look to your persona.

    Draped neckline

    The draped folds on the neckline is suitable for women with a short neck. The drape style looks very unconventional. It can be also considered a versatile neckline because it helps minimize large chest and also conceal small bust.

    Ruffled front

    A bit of ruffle of the front of the bodice looks very stylish. It suits effervescent personalities. A dress with a ruffled front neckline looks fantastically edgy.

    Halter Neckline

    A perfect choice for a woman with well toned shoulder and arms, it’s a pattern wherein two straps or strings can be tied at the back or is sewn together already. It is a very classy style. The famous Marilyn Monroe white halter is a classic example of this style.

    One shoulder or Grecian

    This pattern exemplifies contemporariness. The one shoulder style looks supremely chic and is apt for women who want to keep up with modern trends and flaunt their well toned shoulders. This style is sure to get you loads of compliments.

    Off the shoulder

    Accessorizing becomes fun with this kind of a pattern as it accentuates your neck and collar bone perfectly. Make sure you wear a strapless bra; you do not want to wreck this pretty style.

    Illusion neckline

    The illusion neckline looks elegant and very classy. It is mostly used in wedding gowns and it highlights your feminine charm to the hilt. This neckline is usually created by using a fabric like net or organza. It has the appearance of a strapless but looks modest at the same time.

    Necklines like jewel, mandarin, portrait, V, square, keyhole etc are a few others you can experiment with. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to looking the best. Accentuating the best parts of the body with the help of interesting necklines is something you should take into consideration the next time you buy a pretty looking dress for yourself.

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