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  • Posted :   Jan 27th, 2010

    sunburn tips

    In between enjoying warm sunny days in the beach or in between work do not forget about tanning. Tanning is caused due to long exposure to sun light. It makes you unattractive to look at and sometimes also lead to skin cancer. Sunburn turns skin red and even gets full of blisters, in extreme cases. At times, there is swelling as well. Thus it is must to avoid sunburns. To make you aware about it below are mentioned some of the ideas. Refer them:

    * The best way to avoid sunburn is to stay away from the sun. Harmful UV rays of sun causes sunburn, which results in tanning.

    * If it is urgent to go out in daytime only wear long sleeved clothes and do not forget to apply sunscreen lotion.

    * When out in sun never stand or sit under the direct sun. It will certainly cause sunburn. Take shelter under an umbrella or anything else.

    * Applying sunscreen is must to all exposed areas of body when move out in sun. These areas are face, neck, hands, arms, ears, upper part of feet etc. Sunscreen should have SPF 30 which provides protection from UVA as well as UVB rays. Apply sunscreen lotion 20 minutes before going out in sun, so that your body can absorb all its qualities. If you are out in a sun for much time keep re-applying sunscreen lotion from time to time.

    * Hat and a pair of sunglasses are also good for protection against sunburn. The hat should have a wide brim for more protection. Sunglasses should offer a complete blockage to UVA and UVB rays.

    * Do not be confused in cloudy days thinking that sun is not too hot thus sunburn will not occur. Take out this an incorrect conception out of your mind. On cloudy days also you need to follow the same above guidelines as sunburn occurs on these days also.   

    Sunburn can take away your beauty; therefore you need to be much careful about it.

  • Posted :   Jan 18th, 2010

    Everybody wants to look good in photos. Bad photos makes mood off. Thus to avoid bad photos you dress up well, do make up and do all other required things for good photographs. But when suddenly someone asks for taking photos and you are not properly ready, also your photos says the same how bad it feels. Therefore it is always good to be camera ready. It does require some efforts but make you look and feel good at all times. 

    Being camera ready does not mean looking zing every time. Casually also you can look so but have to follow few tips for the same. Read the tips below following which you can be ready to take photographs anytime.  

    1) Plan clothing in advance for the entire week. This will help you to come up with good looking clothes. Generally we wear clothes see in front wear thinking who will search deeply. But if proper planning is done end up wearing fabulous clothes.     

     2) Take care of your skin and hairs on daily basis in spite of whether you like it or not. Apply skin care products daily that give it a glowing look. Apply hair lotion that fits your hair color and texture. Wash hairs and condition them regularly. Remember skin and hair beauty is not a one day task. Also for good photos regular caring is must.   

     3) It is not like that you have to wear jewelries only when going out. Even at home with dresses you can wear them. Wearing a statement making jewelry at all times is also included in the list of being camera ready always. Jewelry should be complementary to your outfit for turning simple clothing to glamorous one.

     4) Make up makes a great difference to looks. It is considered one of the main adornments of women. Always apply little bit of make up every time.     

     5) Wear nice footwear. Nice footwear does not mean wearing stilettos or hip hop one every time. You can even wear a sandal or simple footwear but it should complement your attire well, that is what mainly required.

        Follow these fashion tips to always be camera ready. Let anyone ask anytime for taking photos, that natural smile will always be there on your face.

  • Posted :   Jan 12th, 2010

    Jeans fashion is eternal. It provides comfort along with style thus highly liked by all. It is staple outfit of both genders wardrobe. But just this is not enough. Having a right pair of jeans is more important than having any. Though jean come in various styles but finding the right pair of jeans is must for looking good. The tips below will help you in purchasing jeans that will fit you just like right pair of jeans fits the mannequin. Scroll down for knowing the same.

    Look For the Right Size

     Finding the right size jeans is the major step towards getting the right piece. This one step is very essential to keep in mind while shopping for jeans. If you get it, nothing good likes it. For that you need to know your waist size and ask for the same. It will make your search much easier. And yes do remember jean size should not be too small neither large.

    Look For the Right Cuts

     Right cut also means a lot in making you look fabulous in jeans. Right cut should also ensure that you are comfortable in jeans. For knowing the cut is right hold the jeans in front of you and just check the curve running from the thigh to the leg. Even it is best to try out jeans before purchasing. Try sitting and walking for ensuring jeans is not tight or too loose. Right cut jeans make you comfy at thighs and not mold tightly.

    Go to Reputed Store

    Always purchase jeans from reputed store. Whether shopping online or offline, place you are shopping matters much. You can ask friends, relatives for ideas.

    Keep Your Age in Mind  

    Jeans are worn by all age group people but style is different for all. Teenager jean style is much different from jean made for 40’s people. Wearing according to age gives you appropriate look and also flatter your personality.

        It is a challenge to find the right pair of jeans but the above tips will help you in fulfilling challenge.

  • Posted :   Jan 7th, 2010

    Evening is best time of the day to celebrate. Many celebrations are generally held at evening only because people enjoy the most at this time. Whether it is wedding, birthday party, prom, cocktail party, New Year party or Valentine’s Day party all celebrations mostly takes place in evening. Celebrating Valentine’s Day at evening is the perfect idea because evening time instills romance in environment and couples best express their feelings at this time.      

    With enjoyment evening party also gives great chance to dress up. First thing that clicks girls when think about evening Valentine’s Day party is what to wear and how to do make up. You can opt for your favorite style dress that oozes love but its look is incomplete till it is adorn by right make up. Make up is different for each time of the day. Follow the tips below for knowing makeup tips for evening.

    Beautiful Eyes

    Eyes are the most eye catching part of face. They are the first one who catches attention. And evening time is appropriate to highlight them. Evening eye make up makes them very beautiful. In two ways you can adorn eyes, Gothic and Smoky ones. They are two beautiful forms of adorning eyes. For gothic make up adorn your eyelashes with three coats of black and metallic mascara. Also add crystals to eyes as they impart them a magical touch. Crystals should be applied with eye glue. That’s all and you are ready to amaze all with your beautiful gothic eyes.

    Smoky eyes are another fabulous option to opt for. They change face dramatically and turn you into a stylish diva. For smoky eyes embellish eye lids with colors like plum, dark blue, deep green etc. Also define your eyes with a dark black liquid or pencil eyeliner and remember to draw a line till the outer edge of your upper eye lash. But make sure that your lips are not highlighted if having smoky eyes as they alone are enough to create stir.

    Glossy Lips

    Lips are another adorning part of face that gives you beautiful look. Thinness and thickness of lips should be kept in mind while adorning them. Thin lip women should go for a dark, shimmered gloss. Use non-glossy color if want to make your broad lips appear sexy. Thick lips women should opt for metallic lip colors.  Use a lip pencil for shaping your lips. Broad lip women should avoid using lip pencil.

    While applying make up make a point to highlight only one facial feature. It is the best way to look good. Do apply glossy and shiny shades to the eyes and the lips. But if you are in 40’s avoid as shimmer is not for mature skins.

    Be the star in your beloved eyes by looking beautiful with best make up application.

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