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  • Posted :   Dec 31st, 2009

    Gold is a very unique color and also imparts unique look. It is favorite color of every woman as it enhances all. But one question that keeps coming in mind is how to accessorize gold dress because it is so dashing that it can stand on its own. Undoubtedly gold dress can be worn without accessories, but if accessorized in a right manner will give a more profound look.

     Before starting accessorizing your gold dress bewares do not add gold to it. Gold on gold does not look good, in fact looks overwhelmed. Also gold accessories clash with your gold dress rather than completing your look.

    Silver accessories are also not good to be matched with gold dress. This is a mismatched combination. It is true that present trend is of gold and silver accessories but it does not mean you have to wear them whether they are matching or not.

     Pearls are great for accessorizing gold dress. They look very classy over it. Pearl earrings, pearl necklace, pearl bracelet etc. add elegance to appearance. Not only with gold dress, also has it looked good with any type of outfit.

     Diamonds and Rhinestones also look awesome with gold dress. Real or fake, both work best.  

     Black color accessories also raise gold dress look to an extreme degree. Black necklaces, black bracelets and black earrings adds a funkier look to your outfit, yet still remain chic as black is an elegant color.

    Brown color accessories are also great for pairing with gold dress. Take care of brown shade as it should not look over the top in gold dress as discussed earlier. Deep browns are a great color to add with gold dress. Brown stilettos will add all the way more chic look to outfit. 

    Whatever accessories you add to gold dress make sure stay away from over accessorizing your gold dress. Fewer accessories are enough to add to it. Gold dress sketch a boundary in terms of accessories which you cannot cross else will look over the top. The above mentioned accessories i.e. pearls, rhinestones, and diamonds impart great look to gold dress. You look classier by adding them.

     You were finding it’s hard to accessorize gold dress, but see how easy it is. You do not even have to add much.

  • Posted :   Dec 29th, 2009

    Make up is very essential part of women grooming. There are different types of make ups for different occasions, thus choose according to occasion you are heading to. Make up completes the look of women and add beautiful touch to her. It can make any woman look attractive and pretty. But sometimes we become so late that find it hard to get time for applying make up.

    Applying make up is already a challenging task and it becomes all the more hard when you do not have ample time for it. But do not worry when you are in a hurry and find no time for make up there is a trick which will help you in doing make up in five minutes. Read the article below to get gorgeous in a few minutes with make up for all the occasions.

    * Apply moisturizer all over face and body just after taking bath and leave it for one or two minutes so that body can completely absorb it.

    * In those minutes keep your entire make up things ready in front of you to avoid wastage of time in looking for cosmetics. Your make up bag things consists of foundation, foundation brush, brush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil, lipstick, lip brush, loose powder, blush, blush brush etc.  

    * To start quick with make up, apply the foundation on your face. For evenly applying it all over use foundation brush or sponge.

    * Quickly after application of foundation move towards eye make up. Next apply suitable eye shadow and follow it by applying eyeliner. It is great for defining eyes. While applying be concentrate on the shape of your eyes as you are in a hurry thus correcting wrong make up will trouble you more.

    * After application of eye liner and eye shadow apply mascara on your eyelashes. Also apply a few small strokes of brow pencil, to enhance the color or shape of your eyebrows, if it appeals you.

    * After completing with eye make up move towards lip make up. Choose a nice shade lipstick for your lips and apply it. For applying lipstick evenly use a lip brush. It takes less time also.

    * Apply blush on cheeks with the help of a brush. It brings great shine to face and makes it look attractive.  

    * Thenceforth softly apply some loose powder on your nose and the t-zone to prevent it from becoming oily.

    * At last have a final look on mirror for final touch up. You will find you dazzling in front of the mirror.

  • Posted :   Dec 22nd, 2009

    tallTall appearance showcase standard. All wants to be tall in height. But it cannot be possible in actual as there various figures and various height people. Yes but all can make efforts for looking tall and it is very much possible. Filled with excitement, you should be. Read the tips below for knowing how it can be done.

    1) Good posture is very important factor that makes a great difference in your height. Good posture means sitting or standing straight. Following this even a short person can look tall and smart. On the other hand sank shoulders and bowed back can make even a tall person look short and dazed. Hence for looking tall maintain good posture.

    2) One of the best ways to appear tall by making posture right is by leaning against the wall. It is considered the best exercise. Way of doing is keeping head, shoulder, butts and heels in contact with the wall. Minimize the space between you and the wall by using muscle. Your posture will improve to a greater degree and is also helpful for looking taller.

    3) Hairstyle is very essential for overall grooming of appearance. It also includes for making one look taller. For men a short hair cut thin from the sides is very good for looking taller. While an up do is good for women for the same reason.

    4) Clothes are one of the best friends for imparting any type of appearance. They are solution of any body flaw problem. While dressing wear a monochromatic or one color dress. This dress give illusion of height as your silhouette does not break anywhere. Vertical pattern design dresses and V neckline dresses are also good for adding height.

    5) In footwear wear stilettos wedges or pumps for looking taller. Guys can wear formal high heels shoes.

    6) Accessories are also great for taller appearance. Short height women should opt for long earrings, scarves, long pendants, hats and sunglasses to add height to them.

    In all the above tips whichever suits you go for it. It will certainly curb your problem of short height.

  • Posted :   Dec 16th, 2009

    petite_women_necklaceNecklaces are very essential accessory for every woman. Women with bare neck look like a dry land. Necklaces do come for all women. Petite women are also included in it. Necklaces for them are limited in comparison to other women but still there is a variety. Below are mentioned necklaces types that suit petite women and enhances her appearance. Refer them:

    Long Necklaces

    Long necklaces are best choice for petite women as they create an illusion of tall height for them and also go well with their figure. Avoid long necklaces with multiple strands as they make appearance bulky. Instead opt for single strand long necklaces.

    Delicate Necklaces

    Delicate or subtle necklaces look extremely pleasing on petite frame women as they perfectly match her body proportion. As known petite women have smaller frame thus big necklaces will tend to make her look bulky. Delicate necklaces are a good choice. But plus size petite women should not opt for too delicate necklaces as they will disappear in her body. They should go for necklaces that are little more in proportion.

    Pearl Necklaces

    Pearl necklaces look highly flattering on petite women. Faux and real both pearls are classic choices and enhance smaller figure women. Single-strand or multi-strand, all style pearl necklaces are good options for petite women. Wear any style but avoid choker style necklaces as they wrap around the neck and make a short woman look even shorter.

    Pendant Necklaces

    Necklaces having pendant look very good on petites. If your necklace has V-shape, pendants on them look all the way more look. Pendant should not be too large but big enough to come into notice. In short, the pendant you select should look well proportioned on you.

    Be Without Necklace Also Sometime

    Though sound quite awkward but it is true that sometimes petites should avoid wearing necklaces. It is not necessary to wear necklaces at all times to look well groomed. But make sure avoid only when your look is complete without necklace.


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