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  • Posted :   Nov 25th, 2009

    mysterious_girlMysterious means which is not easy to understand. Now you will be surprising is there any such thing like mysterious looks. Yes there is and is very appealing to look at. Mysterious looks lend beauty leaving onlooker bewildered to know more about you.

    Mysterious looks are much sought after by women. They give personality a very different identity. Many questions arise in mind of people when they find women with mysterious looks. To look beautiful or gorgeous is what everybody wishes for and knows many tactics for it. But for looking mysterious tricks that need to be applied are mentioned below. If you are unaware about them read below.

    Wear dress of dark color. Dark colors provides great mysterious look. It includes purple, black, deep red, dark blue, maroon etc. And if you pair your dress with something like gorgeous dark color necklaces, beaded dark colored earrings, dark color bracelet, dark color make up, then you will look all the way more mysterious maintaining that feminine charm.

    Dyeing hairs imparts great mysterious look. But make sure it looks good on you. Black color dye look good on all. If you have dyed your hairs with the dark color, then hairs should have sharp angular cuts. This will add to your mysterious look.

    Use light foundation on your face. It will make you different form what you use regularly. Over it apply deep colored or reddish lipstick. It will perfectly complement light foundation. You might look like little gothic but it will be sexy all the same.

    Not only dressing but how you act also lend mysterious look to your personality. For that be silent and speak only when needed. This greatly adds to the mysticism.

    If want to catch some guy’s attention give him a sensual look and then go away. For sure he will chase you.

    Adding vintage piece of accessory also add to that mysterious look. Jackets, hoods, hats, corset shirts, etc. are some vintage accessories. They really look sexy and stylish.

    Most importantly, whatever you wear will not bring out mysterious look till you are confident in you and know how to carry yourself. So, just be confident about yourself and enjoy this style.

    Follow the above tips and you will certainly baffle everyone around you. Being mysterious is an art and only few are able to accomplish it. If succeeded in achieving it will be called highly stylish. It is one of the forms of being stylish and fashionable.

  • Posted :   Nov 24th, 2009

    yogaThere are many ways of enhancing beauty. Many cosmetics make up, jewelry and accessories are used regarding the same. But they all are temporary and as soon you will take them out will again look like before. Natural beauty is the only thing that remains with you at all times. Your every effort should be towards attaining natural beauty. Ask any super model or celebrity what you do for looking beautiful and there only answer will be natural methods like exercise, walking and above all YOGA.

    Yoga is the art of meditation that not only enhances beauty but has touched everything. It is considered for tranquility, fitness and health concerns, weight loss, devotion, concentration, spiritual enlightenment, ego-shedding or beauty. In all yoga is much effective. Thus redefine your beauty with the help of yoga.

    Yoga brings great grace to personality. Beauty attained through Yoga lasts forever and is not artificial like cosmetic surgery and other such means. It decreases flab of the body in a right manner and to the right extent. It is a very wonderful method to avoid ageing. The flexibility attained through Yoga also makes one feel good and thus look good. For going more deep into yoga how it helps in attaining beauty read the below written pointers.

    The foremost important thing that yoga does is relaxes your body and make you feel good about you. It is must because you cannot look good until you feel good. Asanas like Sukhasna and Shavasana helps you in achieving it.

    Beauty lies in healthy body. This is very true and yoga greatly helps out in it. It gives physical fitness and keeps mind and body healthy. It does so by removing toxins from the body.

    Yoga increases flexibility in the body thus makes you look younger.

    Yoga improves the efficiency of the immune system. Pranayams like Kaplabhati and Anulom- Vilom are great problem removing asanas.

    Yoga helps greatly in weight loss leading to imparting good posture thus making you look beautiful.

    Through yoga asanas and mudras the fresh oxygen we take in helps greatly in skin glow. Also brings great shine and unique affluence to appearance.

    Regular yoga brings contentment in your life which reflects on your face.

    Yoga delays ageing. Person who does yoga on regular basis remains young and active for quite longer than others who do not practice yoga.

    Tone your body and look beautiful naturally by doing yoga. It’s after effects are very beneficial to the body and for looking dazzlingly beautiful.

  • Posted :   Nov 18th, 2009

    lipsBeautiful lips can do wonders to appearance. Lip make up is of great help in it. It makes lips look juicy. Also for looking younger lip make up is good. Give shape to lips with lip liner and be proud of your sensuous soft lips. But do not misunderstand lip make up with just applying lipstick and lip liner. There are proper ways of applying lip make up. Tips for how to apply lip make up are enlisted below:

    For maintaining lip color for the long time, before applying lipstick apply light layer of foundation, dust powder on lips and then color them. This helps lipstick not to change its color and withheld it for a prolonged period of time.

    Prior applying lipstick it is good to give them shape with lip liner. But keep in mind that color of a lip liner should be very close to color of lipstick.

    If you have thin lips and want to make them look thicker make the outline with lip liner just outside the natural lip line while if having thick lips and want to give them thinner look; place the outline just inside the natural lip line.

    Outlining of the lips greatly helps in preventing lip color bleeding. It keeps lipstick in its place.

    After application of lip liner fill the defined shape with lipstick using a brush and blend the color well with the outline until the latter do not come into notice.

    Lipsticks come in many forms like glossy, matte, creamy or frost ones. You need to be sure which one suits you for polished look.

    Lipstick should always be applied in two coats for longer durability.

    Way of applying lipstick is like this, after applying it for the first time press the lips on a tissue paper and then applies the other coat.

    Lip gloss should be applied after applying lipstick. It gives lips glossy look and make them eye catching. Lip gloss looks good on nude lips also.

    Lip gloss makes lips appear fuller, thus women with thick lips should avoid its usage. While for thin lips women it is blessing.

    You will never go wrong if follow these tips. Moreover these tips are handful and everyone can learn them on a short notice.

  • Posted :   Nov 17th, 2009

    curly_hair_cutCurly hairs need a great care because they are rough and dry. Reason of roughness and dryness is natural curls in the hair. Though at the same time they are beautiful and good to look at but if you do not maintain them properly make you look clunky.

    To make curly hairs look proper is a challenge but you have to take this challenge as you cannot look greasy throughout a life. Below are suggested few ways which are of great help for maintaining curly hairs.

    Use mild shampoo and condition

    Dryness is the main reason that appears curly hairs frizzy. Mild shampoo is the solution. Mild shampoos restore natural oil of hairs rather than extracting it. Never use harsh shampoos on curly hairs as they draw out natural oil from them and leave them dry and rough.

    Also shampooing should always be followed by conditioning, as it helps in replenishing the lost moisture. Shampooing hairs twice in a week is perfect for curly hairs. Shampooing and conditioning are best ways to keep curly hairs in good shape.


    Right length is very important for curly hairs. With altering your looks for good, right length also solves your trouble and worry regarding hairs and helps in managing. Curly hairs length should vary from medium to short. Also keep trimming them at regular intervals, preferably once in a month.

    Good haircut

    Good haircut is very essential for good looks. Have knowledge of which haircuts suit curly hairs and which one will suit you.

    Use thin scissors

    When go for cutting ask hairstylist to use thin scissors. Also your hairstylist should be experienced in cutting curly hairs.

    Air drying is better method

    After washing leave hairs for air drying. Blow drying is not for curly hairs as it makes curly hairs more dry and prone to breakage.

    Use wide tooth comb

    Wide tooth comb is good for combing curly hairs. It minimizes damages like hair breakage.

    Hair coloring

    Curly hair women should not go for coloring hairs as hairs appear thicker than they are. Already they have loads of volume and coloring highlight them more and make them look fuller. It wants to color hairs, opt for dark shades. After coloring, shampoo and condition hairs for a smooth and polished look.

    These tips will help in managing your dry and frizzy hairs. Also give hairs healthy look.

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