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  • Posted :   Oct 29th, 2009

    eye_lashesBeauty is what every woman looks for. They do various efforts for achieving it. Face, eyes, hands, neck, legs etc. all areas they beautify to the best possible manner. Eyes are first feature that come into notice. Thus women give them much consideration. And eyelashes are their main part and complements beauty further.

    Beautiful eyelashes help a lot in making appearance dramatic. Long eyelashes are great representation of beauty. Some have long eyelashes naturally while those who do not have make them look long by artificial means. But you can hardly find out artificial eyelashes. For knowing how to make eyelashes longer read the article below:

    For eyelashes look longer first step is to choose the right kind of mascara. Right mascara can make all the difference in your looks and make eyelashes look longer. There are different types of mascara like liquid mascaras and water proof mascaras. Choose what suits you.

    For longer lashes get lengthening mascaras. It gives a beautiful curling effect to your eyelashes.

    Giving base to lashes before applying mascara gives support to mascara to remain for longer time. It is not mandatory but good if applied. Base means to apply clear mascara first, and then apply your chosen color mascara over that base, when first one dries out completely.
    Instead of clear mascara you can also apply a light layer of powder onto your lashes and then apply colored mascara.
    Curling eyelashes is also a great way to make lashes look longer. They impart spectacular look to eyes. But do curling before applying mascara.
    Conditioner is also available for lashes nowadays which lend them longer and beautiful look. It is so because lashes are made of hairs only and conditioner makes them look soft and beautiful.
    Eyelash extensions are the new rage towards making lashes look longer. It is a beautiful, natural way to enhance your lashes.
    One of the easiest ways to make lashes look longer without following the above strategies is to get false eyelashes. False eyelashes are an easy and inexpensive way to lengthen your lashes but do have proper knowledge of applying them properly. Choose required length of false eyelashes you want and color that suits you.

  • Posted :   Oct 27th, 2009

    long-diamond-chandelier-earringsWomen’s fashion comprises many things. It is not about any one thing but yes importance of every accessory makes the difference. Earring accessory held great importance in women’s fashion ensemble. She feels incomplete without earrings. Be it any attire, there are several earrings to complement it.

    Women love to wear earrings. Earrings are of many types like pearl earring, beads earring, stone earring, diamond earring etc. Amongst all diamond earrings are most exotic. They instantly come into notice as diamonds’ gorgeous sparkle catches eye. All women are highly impressed by diamond earrings.

    Diamond earrings are the perfect accessory to any outfit for making statement. There is large range of diamond earrings that makes them suitable for every woman. Let’s go through its various types and you find your favorite type.

    Diamond Stud Earrings

    Stud diamond earrings are commonest of all and all are very dear to women. Their best part is they suit every occasion and every outfit. Since times they are in fashion and will never become passe. Though they are simple but impart the best show to appearance by lighting up face. For looking trendy go for princess cut diamond stud earrings and for classic look opt for round brilliant diamond stud earrings. Every woman must have a pair of diamond stud earrings in her closet.

    Chandelier Diamond Earrings

    Chandelier diamond earrings are classic of all and every woman’s favorite choice. Get into amazing look with them. Normally a choice of those loves to wear big earrings. Their breathtaking silhouette will bound people to have second look at you.

    Diamond Drop Earrings

    Diamond drop earrings are amazing to look at. They are perfect for leaving a lasting impression. Drop diamond earrings look good on all and lend very stylish image. This unique style earring bound people to make heads turn.

    Heart Diamond Earrings

    For romantic and quixotic women heart diamond earrings are precisely accurate. If going out for a romantic eve these earrings are best suited ones and will express your inner feelings without uttering a word.

    Diamond in it is so strikingly beautiful and above it its different designs add more charismatic effect to it. Diamond earrings are irresistible to women. Women having them are proud of it due to their classic nature. Certainly have its one pair to show all you are also highly fashionable.

  • Posted :   Oct 21st, 2009

    short_women_dress1Unlike tall women shorter women has to choose their clothing by giving little thought. She should know how to maximize her appearance. There are some fashion tips which are of great help to her for enhancing appearance. Here are those rules of thumb:

    Wear vertical design outfits

    Dress featuring vertical lines design work greatly for shorter height women. It gives them an illusion of height. Outfits having horizontal lines should be avoided by short women. Such fashion styles work negatively on them.

    Monochromatic color dress do magic

    Wear dress having one color from top till bottom. It does not break silhouette and impart longer, leaner silhouette. Even accessories like footwear and hosiery should also be of the same color. Remember anything in contrast detracts from length.

    Avoid bright colors

    Short women are advised to avoid wearing bright color dresses. Bright color clothes tend to make them look shorter.

    Be simple in dressing

    Everybody likes details but it is not necessary that it will look good on everyone. Short women should avoid wearing detailed dress as it overwhelms them. As simple she will be the more good she will look.

    Wear empire waist dresses

    Empire waist dresses are blessing for short women. This style lends younger, slimmer and taller look to short women.

    Wear tailored dresses

    Tailored dresses are best friend of short women. They are exactly of their shape and size thus greatly enhances their looks and makes them look attractive.

    Moderate heels are for you

    Too high heels look awkward on you. Heel of two inch is perfect for you. Also do not wear flats at the same time, as it is also not for you. A two inch heel really elongates your appearance. Footwear having straps across the foot or around the ankle should be avoided as they visually cut the legs off.

    Avoid Capri’s

    Short women think that wearing Capri’s or mid calf pants or jeans will give them smart and taller look. But what happens is just its opposite. It is one of the most common fashion mistakes short women do. These pants or jeans cuts legs in two making appear shorter than you are. Always wear floor length jeans and pants so as to make your silhouette longer.

    These dressing tips will certainly help in looking short women look tall but with it you also have to keep in mind that you stand straight with your shoulders back. It is considered right posture and literally adds inches to your height.

  • Posted :   Oct 21st, 2009

    bridal_gownsWedding is as pleasurable to the same extent very tiring occasion also. And its one of the most wondrous yet hectic tasks is to look for bridal dress. Perfect bridal dress is dream of every bride and every effort should be put by her in achieving it. Remember there is no another chance if you miss first one. Thus there is no place for drifts.

    Every important thing needs time. It cannot be decided in a moment’s time. Same is with bridal dress also. To get perfect bridal dress you have to start looking for it months in advance. It needs great planning.

    But before start looking first of all very importantly set your budget. It is the most important thing to decide on. It narrows down your search and helps in shopping.

    While you go to look for your bridal dress always take along with you a person whom you trust fully. It can be your mother, friend, relative etc. Their fruitful suggestions can end up in giving you something extraordinary.

    Taking help of a fashion designer is also very good option, as they are of this field only and have very good knowledge about these things.

    Look for various sources which can be a help in providing info on bridal dresses. It includes bridal stores, online bridal stores, magazines, and books, fashion catalogues etc. Many new aspects will come into front by going through sources and may be you get something exclusive.

    While searching for bridal dress keeps in mind theme, style and formality of wedding. They are great helping factors.

    Try on as many dresses as you can of various styles and let input come from others. This way you will give yourself more opportunities to find that perfect bridal dress.

    By following the above organized pointers your bridal dress shopping can be a great fun and will become your memorable moment for whole life. They will give you dress that will epitomize a fantasy that has been nurtured for years. Create a magical environ with your stunning bridal dress.

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