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  • Posted :   Sep 30th, 2009

    plus_size_shoppingIt is mostly seen that plus size women curse their figure when they do not find something of their choice especially dress. Never do it. If you don’t have right dressing sense what can your body do in it? Prom 2010 will come in few months and dress related concern started sprang up amongst girls from now and it should be.

    Plus size women you also start thinking about your dress. Certainly you will also want to look your best and grab all the passing glances. This article will help you to explore tips on how to choose the perfect plus size prom dress.

    Plus size prom dress shopping tips 

    First important thing which applies to all is to set your budget. To look good is everybody’s dream but not at the cost of exceeding in money.

    Start looking for prom dress a month in advance. Last minute shopping ends up in a disaster.

    Research is very important before going to purchase a dress. Even for plus size women there are many stores as well online stores which are completely dedicated to plus size apparels. Also search in the latest fashion magazines and newspapers.

    You can also ask a professional about the latest trends.

    Right fitting prom dress is very sensible choice for plus size women. It will do a lot more for you in the long run. Too tight and too loose prom dress does just its opposite.

    Online shopping for plus size prom dress is best way to find dress for plus size women. It gives them ample variety in everything.

    As you are plus size purchase dress that create an illusion of curves and enhance your silhouette. Go for an outfit that takes attention away from the bulging areas of your body.

    Look for a right color prom dress that looks good on you. Best is to look for dresses that are darker colored, with a shiny or metallic touch to them. White, light yellow, light pink, and light blue etc such should be avoided by you.

    Do not forget to give equal attention to accessories like shoes, handbag, make up, jewelry etc. But look for them after finalizing on the dress. Remember your attire and accessories should complement each other well for a profound look.

    To intact memories of your prom with you forever follow the above tips. With adding elegance to your personality perfect plus size prom dress also speaks volumes of your style quotient.

  • Posted :   Sep 29th, 2009


    Make up and beauty are not property of young women only. Older women also have equal right to look beautiful and apply make up. Yes, this is true that make up techniques do differ from young age to old age but that is just to look appropriate according to your age.

    This article will tell how older women should apply make up. What all things old women should keep in mind. Make up for them is a way to flaunt sophisticated and classy look. The basic challenge in applying make up over old women is to cover her ageing marks and give her a graceful look.

    Older women make up tips


    Face make up for old women includes light foundation mixed with moisturizer to nourish your dry face. It gives decent glow to face. Heavy foundation is not for you. You can also use the lighter shade of powder which is moisturizing, and goes on smoothly. If use brush make sure it is cream blush instead of a powder for a dewier appearance. Use a non-frosted powder below your chin to hide the sloppy neck.


    When it comes to eye make up first of all curl your lashes. It makes you much attractive to look at. Use neutral shade of shimmer for more natural look. Liner and mascara you use should be classy enough. Avoid wild colors, go for mild ones.


    At old age generally eyebrows becomes thinner and their color also begin to fade. For restoring their looks use a powder, pencil or gel that is similar to your natural eyebrows color and look stunning as before.


    By old age lips become dry. For giving lips wet, fresh and young look use foundation and powder closer to the lip line. Also go for an anti-feathering lip primer to avoid feathering. Lipsticks shades should be graceful like pink, berry, coral etc.
    With hairs you have ample options. Go for a haircut that complements your face. Also, go for colors lighter in shade for a softened and graceful look.

  • Posted :   Sep 23rd, 2009

    halloween_make_upFun night i.e. Halloween night is about to come and all preparations from it are already started like getting ready Halloween dress, party preparations and so on. It is a great fun night as on this night adults and children both get into vamps, ghosts look and scare each other. Dressing for it held great importance as it takes you completely into Halloween look. You should dress up in most frightful manner so as to instill terror in others. But with appropriate dress appropriate make up is equally important. Read the below written pointers to do perfect make up according to the theme of the festival.


    Bruising is very good method to get into Halloween look. But for that you do not need to actually hurt you. With make up help you can create a bruised look. For that you need three colors eye shadows-deep i.e. blue, charcoal and shimmer green, and a make up brush. With wet brush blot a deep blue powder eye shadow on face. Use your fingertips to add blots of charcoal gray and blue shadows. Give touch up to edges with a shimmer olive green. Smudge the bruise. And you are ready with bruised look.


    Blood all over is another way to get into vamp look. Make a mixture of red food color and corn syrup and apply it wherever you want to. After applying at desired places do not let the edges of the blood smear. Give ample time to mock blood to dry.

    Hairs on face

    Make eyelashes look bigger with false hairs. Also let fake hairs arise on face at some places. Ghosts are mostly perceived like this only.


    To look like a witch cover the face with green or white powder makeup. Take a black makeup stick and draw lines in V shape in the middle of the forehead and some around the mouth. With eye liner draw lines on the hands almost follow the veins to make the hands look old. Tease and spray hair with a super stick hairspray. Place in a few plastic bugs.

    Give older look

    Older witches are more dangerous thus get into older look with make up. Use lighter color make up over skin using baby powder or white blemish cover stick. Then draw the dark lines over skin. It gives that old, dry look perfect for Halloween party.

  • Posted :   Sep 22nd, 2009


    There is no figure flaw which cannot be hide by dress similarly cosmetic world has also left no stone unturned to remove any skin flaw. Whether it is pimple, scar, burn or anything all skin problems can be sorted out with cosmetics.

    With polishing off skin flaws they also make skin smooth and graceful. Here we will discuss about the most common problem that woman on general basis across i.e. pimples. Pimples can appear any time on the skin especially on face as it is the exposed part of the body. In case of pimples appearing on face if you have to attend party then certainly it will worry you. But now no more worries. Concealer and a Foundation are best bet to get rid of them. With hiding the pimples, they also make your skin smooth. For different skin tones different concealers and foundations are made. Thus do not just pick any one. Read below for knowing how to pick right foundation and concealer.

    * First know your skin type and look for concealer and foundation made for it.

    * Oily skin women should opt for water based or oil free foundations and concealers. On the contrary for dry skinned women oil-based foundations and concealers are best.

    * Foundations with yellow tinge look good on all skin tones. Though if you are very fair go for pink shades foundations.

    * For selecting the best foundation and concealer you can also do a test before. Pat a few drops of each color foundation on your jaw line and choose the one that best matches with your skin.

    * Always check the foundation and concealer in sunlight, as tube lights and bulbs can be deceptive.

    These pointers are of great help in finding the right foundation and concealer. But this is not the end. If you apply them wrongly it is equal to applying wrong foundation and concealer. You should know how to apply them for enhanced look.

    * First of all wash your face properly and then wipe out.

    * Most important thing is always apply the concealer before the foundation.

    * Take the concealer in hand and apply over pimples. Do not rub, instead gently spread it.

    * Then apply dots of foundation on cheeks, chin, forehead and tip of the nose. Merge all dots together and rub all over the face gently.

    * Finally to give matter finishes apply light powder and make sure that the foundation sticks.

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