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  • Posted :   Jul 30th, 2009


    Bracelet is an important part of fashion ensemble. It can alone make a great fashion statement. Though there are many types of bracelets but amongst all silver bracelets is the most popular and is the latest rave in fashion jewelry. This visually impressive jewelry is not only beautiful but versatile in terms of wardrobe options. It hooks the eye of onlooker. Charismatic silver bracelets make a chic fashion statement for the fashion conscious people.

    Silver bracelets add a sheer delight to looks. One silver bracelet is enough to catch attention. It accentuates the wearer’s appearance and adds final touch and style. Silver bracelets come in various bold designs like silver heart bracelet, silver blue bead bangle bracelet, silver white enamel bangle bracelet, silver multi-strand heart bracelet, silver crystal bracelet, silver signature bracelet, silver link bangle bracelet, silver diamond bracelet and many more.

    Even personal style statement can also be made as these bracelets can be designed according to the taste of the wearer. Silver bracelets are fashioned out of pure silver, Sterling silver and German silver, which in turn are available in finishes such as antique, rustic, polished, hammered etc.

    Wearing silver bracelet you feel confidence inside you. It glares appearance so much that you feel out of the world. These bracelets are very popular and will always remain in fashion. The dearest part of silver bracelets is that they are not only versatile with respect to designs but to occasions also. They are ideal for daily wear, special occasions, office wear everywhere. All tastes women find them very appealing and are popular with young, old and fashionable women.

    Silver bracelets are most popular fashion jewelry. They look great on everyone and a great way to accessorize looks. A simple silver bracelet is a smart way to enhance the entire look. Their addition to the wardrobe gives it a dynamic impression and also loads of style. They are apt for dressing up and dressing down any outfit. Attractive attributes of silver bracelets are its long lasting quality, shine and eminence. Also they are considered a sign of good luck, thus used as charm bracelets.

  • Posted :   Jul 28th, 2009


    Evening party be it prom, wedding, cocktail or any is the most special part of women life. She wants to set an example for others by looking fabulous. Nothing spells glamour as strong as evening dress. But that fab look is nor so easy neither so hard to accomplish. There are few magic tips which if followed make you cynosure of party else you will end up in doldrums of what to wear.

    * Before heading for any occasion first check whether the invitation is formal or informal because dresses for both are different. If it is informal party then you are free to wear anything from short to long, from dressy to simple any. But if it is formal party then long gowns or long designer dresses are reserved for you.

    * Evening party is the time to project glamour, hence the dress you are wearing matters much. Its design, style and color everything should be perfect and most importantly should enhance your beauty and silhouette. At the same time do remember not every dress suits everyone. Thus selection should be done with much care and if nothing you are getting then it is better to take help of professional person.

    * Another essential thing about evening dress is whether you want to look trendy, classic, modern, traditional, and simple or sophisticate. Evening dresses projects all. Select style which looks good on you.

    * Halter is all time favorite style for evening party. It is very chic, sexy and stylish, thus highly considered for evening parties by women. In accessories just earrings are enough, there is no need of necklace.

    * Timeless classic little black dress is an all time open option. This elegant style can be taken to any type of evening party be it informal or formal.

    * Sheath dress style is simple and elegant option for evening party. No other style beats it. But it is reserved for slim and tall figure women. Their clean lines are astonishing to keep the dress from overwhelming your figure and features. Sheath dresses can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion.

    * The jacket dress is incredible option for evening parties and highly enhances grace. It provides a different perspective to your figure. Color of dress and jacket should be matching for profound look.

    You will be the life of party if you seriously follow these magic mantras. Moreover every woman wardrobe should have evening dresses despite of any invitation comes your way or not for lifting spirit.

  • Posted :   Jul 23rd, 2009

    costume2Necklaces are great style statements since long time before. But in what form to wear depends on choice of wearer. This time big, long, bold and colorful costume necklaces seem to be the new style mantra. They have become finest way to dress up the neck.

    They are made of pearls, colored stones, glass, beads and even metals. These voguish beautiful necklaces are inexpensive too, thus affordable by all. All are not capable of sporting expensive style, for them these necklaces work efficiently. Women are greatly seen exhibiting this fashion. They are worn on all occasions.

    Colorful necklaces are very high in fashion nowadays. They are best to have a fun with jewelry and also enhance the look of attire. But there is a way of wearing them. For instance, if wearing a printed outfit, then go slow on the neckpiece and if outfit is plain jazz it up with a vibrant long layered necklace. Costume necklaces are beautiful addition to dress up outfit and neck without spending too much money. These beautiful yet reasonable necklaces focus entirely on neck and also raise style quotient. They impart elegant yet young look and can be used as a serious fashion statement.

    Costume necklaces are extremely versatile and can be worn with traditional and contemporary dresses both. They highlight an element of fun and add personal touch to give a very unique and appealing look. These necklaces are so enticing in them that there is no need of other accessories. But if you want to wear then avoid same color accessories. Instead sport contrasting jewelry. They are a hot trend.

    These rich and lively costume necklaces are worn not only to look beautiful but for a variety of other practical reasons also. They impart security, fun and adjourn risk of losing an expensive jewelry.

    This elegant and fashionable piece of necklaces makes a modern fashion statement for the present day women. These lightweight and distinctive costume necklaces meet every body’s tastes. Costume necklaces are much overwhelming and are inexpensive way to look stylish.

  • Posted :   Jul 21st, 2009


    Why it is said day make up should be light while you are free to use dark colors, lots of sheer and gloss for evening? Many think it’s because of colors. It’s a complete myth as it is not the colors but lights that make all the difference in the day and evening makeup.

    For evening dark make up works good but make sure it is not looking tacky. It should be a perfect blend of sophistication and sexiness to pull up that hot look. Evening lights can either accentuate your makeup or make it appear dull.

    To know more about evening make up or party make up read below guidelines and apply them to groom perfectly.

    1) First of all apply loose, translucent powder all over face to get the perfect look. Use a large powder brush and apply powder all over the face and neck.

    2) Apply rosy blusher to cheeks for enhancing the shape of your face. Apply it to the apples of cheeks, down each side of nose, under chin and above temples. This gives a great finishing touch.

    3) Due to the reflection of light on face dark make up works better for evening. Bold colors like Red, Maroon and Wine etc are safe during evenings. Shimmer and shine products should be used generously, but ensure that you don’t look tacky.

    4) The best way to create drama is to enhance only one feature of face and keep others simple. Don’t work on all the features. Let’s suppose you want to highlight your lips. If you use a red lipstick to accentuate lips then your eye shadow should be nude or pastel. Likewise if you play up your eyes then use a lighter shade of lipstick.

    5) For making eyes dramatic apply eye shadow in three shades i.e. dark, medium and light of the same family. Use shimmer eye shadow as it gives fabulous look to eyes.

    6) You can also add shimmer on the exposed areas of body like shoulder, neck, cleavage and so on. If don’t want shimmer to fall on your clothes mix it with a light moisturizer. It will stay in place.

    It takes little effort to apply these tips and you can become belle of the ball.

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