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  • Posted :   May 28th, 2009

    og_style_adviceBag is an important accessory of a girl or women’s wardrobe for making fashion statement. But these days they are carried not just for making statement but for carrying stuffs also. That’s why their size is increasing with each passing year. If it’s girl’s bag whether big or small, it’s impossible to have it without beauty products and its right also, after all girl represents fashion.

    If beauty products are an essential part of their bag then below are mentioned few, which her bag should encompass.

    Moisturizer or lotion is the first major thing every girl’s bag must have. It is to save skin from getting dry. Just take it in hands and start rubbing, that’s all. This you can do at any place.

    Another essential is foundation. Problems come without telling only. You never know when that pimple will come in your face. Thus always keep your savior i.e. foundation in your bag.

    You can look kissable at any time just by carrying small tube of lip gloss all the time with you. Your bag should never be without it. No excuses will be accepted for not carrying it as it comes in small sizes also.

    Though a mint is not a beauty product but still it should be in your bag. Its smell makes you attractive.

    Perfume is a great thing to have in your bag. One spray never lasts for the entire day, thus you need it again. Just one spray smells you like a goddess. Carry small size of it.

    Blush is indispensable part of your bag as its one tinge adds great warmth to the face. It replenishes look in fraction of seconds. Small sized blushes are available so as to perfectly fit in bag.

    Just one lipstick does a lot in making appearance. It adds plenty of glamour to your face. Always carry its sexy shade in your bag. You can apply it easily anywhere.

    Small hair blush is also an important item of your bag. Unruly hairs ruin the looks.

    At last, give a final touch up to your bag with stylish and enduring small compact mirror. It is a clear representation of your looks and is an absolute must for your bag.

    These must have beauty products will always keep you looking flawless anytime, anywhere and take less space in your bag.

  • Posted :   May 26th, 2009

    og_flatsStilettos, Sling Backs, Pumps etc. are considered staple of fashionable women wardrobe. In shoes world glamour was circled till them only. But today flats are also gaining same prominent status due to their simplicity yet stylish attitude. Now it’s no more a time when glamour meant a pair of killer heels only.

    Another interesting fact about flats is that they are not wearable for casual outings, shopping, and offices only but have made their impact on fashion shows and red carpet events also. Many stars are also seen making statements in flats, which tell the tale of their glory. Moreover nothing beats the comfort level of flats; the essential requirement of shoes to carry you well. Comfort is equally important as style as one has to spend entire day in them. Flats are a great combination of functionality and fashion, hence very dear to all.

    Flats are evenly stylish to their counterparts, thus should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. Even they have an added advantage of comfort that high heels will never beat. Whether you are short, small or in middle can easily slip into a pair of flats and be sure that your fashion-rating is high even if your heels aren’t.

    Flats are simple, but to make them look stylish is in your hands. Rich fabrics like silk, satin, velvet etc and rich colors such as gold, silver and so on give them dynamic look. They jazz up your look to a greater extent. Embellishing flats is another good way of giving glamorous look to them. Glitter, crystals, buckles, straps, gems or bows, stones, lace, ribbons etc such embellishments add a lot of interest to flats and also give you edge over others. But remember do not go overboard with embellishments.

    There is a proper way of wearing dresses. Same is with flats. To get ballerina look in flats it’s good to wear ultra feminine outfits. Wrap dresses, flared sleeves and layered dresses are good for attaining that look. Similarly if want to look tall heels are best for it but at the same time flats are also a good choice. If wearing them with skirts, it should be above knees to give a look of length to your leg. With long skirts or long gowns flats look frumpy. Likewise Capri pants make a best combo with flats. With long pants they give sloppy look. Also do not wear flats with tight pants if you are not thin. Pointed toe flats looks ultra stylish with flared or wide-legged pants.

    Popularity of flats is touching sky and can be paired with almost any outfit to give spicy look. Very nicely they manage to look casual, formal and classic at the same time.

  • Posted :   May 22nd, 2009

    beautyful-eyebroEyebrows are an important part of eyes that gives them an attractive look. Beautiful eyebrows make amazing impression. They give face a very neat and clean look and frame eyes as well. Eyebrows grooming is must to give them beautiful look.
    Tips to make eyebrows right

    Eyebrows shaping means to remove extra hairs from them and give them a right shape. It’s kind of framing eyes. It is a technical task that needs minute monitoring, else can drastically ruin your appearance. The ideal brow is the one that is nicely groomed and not over-plucked. There are four ways of giving appropriate shape to eyebrows. They are:

    1. Plucking eyebrows
    2. Waxing eyebrows
    3. Threading eyebrows
    4. Filling eyebrows

    Plucking eyebrows

    Plucking is the best way to shape your eyebrows and is very common amongst women. But plucking should always be done by professional hands. If done properly help you to achieve beautiful eyebrows. Plucking is done with tweezer that perfectly befits your face. Here are the steps how it is done:

    • Do plucking in a room having plenty of light.
    • Before plucking apply an astringent to anaesthetize the brow area.
    • If eyebrow hairs are long, first do trimming. Trimming is good before plucking.
    • Brush your eyebrows. Then hold skin tightly right above the brow in order o reduce pain of plucking.
    • Start tweezing from starting point i.e. closest to the nose in one line till end point.
    • Pluck hairs in the direction that they grow for keeping hairs smooth and will hurt less. Pluck single hairs under the eyebrows and outside the natural brow line. Pluck one hair at a time so you don’t over-tweeze.
    • Give short intervals while plucking so as to know what you have done.
    • After plucking wipe brow area with cream.

    Waxing eyebrows

    Waxing is quite painful in comparison to plucking but an easy alternative. Here are some simple steps for how to do it.

    • Put wax in a jar or tub of wax and warm up in boiling water. Then apply with a small applicator or spatula.
    • Warm it at optimum temperature and apply thin layer of wax with the small spatula over the growth. Apply it in the same direction in which the hair grows.
    • After applying remove wax against the hair growth while supporting the skin.

    Threading eyebrows

    This technique involves stretching of the eyelid to make hair removal easy. Till now it is considered the best method to remove hairs. Its steps involve:

    • Person who is professional in threading holds one end of the cotton thread in the mouth, form a loop with the right hand and hold the long end of the thread with the left hand. The loop is paced on the hair and fastened with both hands, thus pulling out hair from the roots.
    • Twist and pull the thread on unwanted hair.
    • First threading should be done on the lower area of the eyebrow and then the centre and upper sections are completed.
    • After threading is done rub face with dry cotton to remove spare hairs from the face. Apply astringent to reduce the redness of the skin.

    Filling eyebrows

    Filling is another way to give proper shape to eyebrows. There are many ways to fill in a brow. Below are given few:

    • Brow Powders or Powder eye shadows is of them. It should be chosen of the exact color of brow. Apply it with a soft wedge brush or a thin liner brush.
    • For spotty eyebrows a gel should be applied over it to keep hairs in place.
    • Eyebrow pencils are a standard way to fill in eyebrows. But make sure your pencil should have a smooth, light texture and soft, dry finish. Do not overdo with pencil, else angry looking person look will be created.
    • Eyebrow gel is wonderful way to give eyebrows full look and natural also. In starting you may face problem of controlling gel in place but as you will get hang on it everything will be alright.
    • Give your eyebrows best look with anyone of the above written methods that suits you.
  • Posted :   May 19th, 2009
    womens style

    womens style

    Winning beauty pageant competition is every girl’s dream. This high level event in which girls from different countries of the world participate does not only look for beauty, dress and make up but poise, confidence and fitness also matters much.

    Though everything counts but main eye catching thing is the beauty, which is easily visible and can be decided in a minute’s time who is the most beautiful one. Now the question arising in your mind is, ‘what I should do to look beautiful?’? This article comprises those beauty tips that can earn you the title of most beautiful girl of the pageant. These tips work great for women taking part in this beauty circuit and want to look them as a beauty pageant winner. Below are given beauty grooming tips.

    Impeccable grooming beauty tips

    • Do use self tanner of your skin only, do not overdue it. It gives a very healthy look to skin. Tanner of some other color gives fake look and very unnatural also.
    • Dress also plays a great role in winning pageant. Hence your pageant gown should complement your silhouette, skin tone and make your appearance. It is one of the most important beauty tips, as it greatly enhances beauty.
    • Focus on enhancing your assets. Entire focus on hiding flaws will let down your assets.
    • Concealer should be applied as much is needed. Do not over do else it will be clearly visible on skin. It is a beauty staple of fashionable women to get a flawless complexion.
    • Apply concealer prior to foundation for a beautiful and smooth look. It disguises blemishes on the skin.
    • Deep red and brown color lipstick suit fair complexioned and dark hair women. Use gray and brown color eye shadow.
    • Keep blush to minimal. Do not overdue; else you will look like clown.
    • If having small eyes use eyelash curler.
    • Keep eye shadow to the minimal. The more you put will make eyes look smaller, while light eye shadow highlights them and gives open look.
    • If want to make eyes look larger use false eyelashes but it should of the exact color of your lashes.
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