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  • Posted :   Feb 28th, 2009

    Grooming for Events

    Some moments in life are unique and come only once in a lifetime. The best way to cherish them always is by keeping intact their memories forever. Prom is one such unique occasion. The greatest tool that can keep memories of this day refreshing everlasting is your appearance.
    But simply nothing becomes special. It requires effort. Don’t get puzzle. Efforts are simple and if get implemented turn your night into a full glamour. Let us understand it with an example what exactly by ‘special’ means. When you go in a shop to purchase card, foremost thing you think in mind is that it should be special. By this you mean firstly design or its look and secondly write up about the occasion. Similarly when you think of making prom special firstly you mean by prom dress and second your looks. Perfect blend of both only can make your prom special.
    Deciding on prom dress is completely up to you but regarding looks here is something to say. To glow most special night of your life with glamour and unique style below are mentioned few make up grooming tips, considering which will earn you a perfect prom queen look.

    * First of all clean your face with water and whatever product you use.

    * Next step is to go for concealer of skin tone. It is used for hiding dark circles and blemishes of skin.

    * Then apply foundation of the same color of your skin tone. Remember it should perfectly blend with your skin color. For checking first apply little on your cheeks and check whether it matches your skin color or not. Foundation brings out the beauty.

    * It’s always good to highlight any one facial feature prominently. When you go for highlighting all, face becomes overloaded and instead of highlighting it sublimes the appearance. For example if you want to play up with your eyes, downplay the other features. Highlight only best feature.

    * Apply gleaming eye shadow for a prom night in order to get a dramatic look.

    * Before applying mascara apply a lash primer to your eyelids. First let dry the first coat of mascara and then apply the second one.

    * Always use a lip brush for applying the lipstick. Blot the lipstick with a tissue paper. Again apply the lipstick and blot again with the tissue paper. Finally apply the last coat of lipstick. This is for ensuring that lipstick stays for a longer period.

    * Before applying lipstick give your lips shape with lip liner.
    With all these tips get started on your make up beauty routine and take everyone’s breath away. They will create a beautiful look that will make you the belle of the ball.

  • Posted :   Feb 23rd, 2009

    flawless_skinFlawless skin does a lot. Want to know what it does? Hey! It makes your appearance; the most coveted desire of every woman. Beautiful and glowing skin gives recognition to you. Thus skin care is on the top list of every woman and should be, as this is the first thing that decides about beauty.

    Skin care is not essential from personal viewpoint only but from the health care regime also. Healthy skin is directly proportional to good health. This should be accomplished by all age people. Keep your skin healthy and it will return with many gifts for you.

    Facts about skin

    Pollution is the greatest enemy of skin nowadays. It is the main cause of many skin problems like dry skin, oily skin, fidgety skin, flagging, pimples, wrinkles, acne, and spots and so on.

    For keeping your skin fresh and young regular exercise and good diet is must.

    Drink loads of water. It keeps skin moist and charming.

    Do not expose skin to the sun. The UV rays are very harmful for the skin and damage it by resulting in wrinkles, aging, spots, and even skin cancer in worst case. Whenever you have to head for some place in sun apply sunscreen lotion or moisturizer over the skin. It is very beneficial and keeps skin safe.

    Dry skin is the result of dehydration. If it will remain same for a long time and no action is taken for its protection skin can wither away with age. Oily skin is also not good and need special steps for its safety. Blackheads and blemished skin are the bad effects of oily skin.

    Simple skin care formulas

    Skin care regime is not a big process. Regular following of few simple steps will lead to fair skin forever. You just need to follow the following skin care steps regularly, that’s all!

    a) Cleaning
    Washing your skin daily is a big step towards cleansing of skin. It removes the dust, dirt, pollutants, and sweat. Cleaning of dry skin requires warm water and a mild natural cleanser for washing. For normal or oily skin, daily gentle cleansing is enough.

    b) Moisturizing
    Applying moisturizer daily keeps skin hydrated, which is must for the skin.

  • Posted :   Feb 14th, 2009

    shoppingRight dress is must for every place wherever you are heading to. But to get it is little hard. One needs to be clear about its every aspect. Few simple but essential tips can get you the perfect dress for every occasion.


    Occasion itself is the main pointer in search of perfect dress. Wedding, religious ceremony, birthday party, pageant etc. all call for different style of dresses, thus knowing about occasion is must before purchasing a dress.
    Pick up style
    As soon you will be clear about the occasion start looking for the dress suiting it. Do research, on the internet and magazines and try to find a dress that blend well with an occasion.

    Dress comfortably

    Comfort level in dress should be one of the top listed points in the dictionary of women’s fashion. The real fashion gets portrayed through physical activity, which is possible only if you are comfortable.
    Dress complimenting figure
    Dress flattering figure is one of the major points. Flattering dress nicely plays up with best features and downplays the flaws. Not all fashions look good on all, little research for the style that suit you have to be done.
    Color of the dress
    With style, complementary color that suits skin tone is also must. Explore colors that make your appearance.

    Set budget

    Planned shopping always proves fruitful. First of all create budget and find out how much you can spend. Setting budget is equally important as picking right style dress. Simply to fall in love with a dress that is out of your reach will just let your mood down and make your further shopping dull. Budget is a very important criterion to be thought upon.
    Accessorizing dress
    Dress look is completed only after it is accessorized well. Accessories give final touch to outfit. Complementary accessories make the appearance of dress and lend killer look.
    Make shopping a pleasurable chore and be an effective and organized shopper with following dressing tips.

  • Posted :   Feb 12th, 2009

    og-_beautyHave you ever noticed when you paint your nails at professional salon it lasts for almost a week, but same when you do at home it lasts for three to four days only. Why so? It is so because at salon they simply do not start polishing your nails like we do at home. There is a proper procedure of applying nail polish.
    Manicure is the name of that procedure, a cosmetic beauty treatment for the nails.

    It gives the nails well-groomed appearance. It makes them prominent and attention catching. Do it once in a week to keep your nails healthy and good looking. Manicure can be done at home. For that apply the steps given below:
    First of all to start with manicures remove nail polish from your nails by using nail polish remover.
    Next step is to give proper shape to your nails with a nail file. It makes nails attractive to look at and also smooth. To check smoothness runs your nails over a piece of net to see whether they are snagging net or not.
    Healthy cuticle is very essential for good condition of nails. It can be achieved by applying cuticle remover cream over it in a circular motion. Never cut your cuticles.
    As blood circulation is very important for all over the body, same is for nails. For pumping blood till nails put hand lotion on palm of one hand and rub it with the thumb of other hand. Repeat the same for other hand. This will improve blood circulation.
    After finishing with cleaning procedure, next comes the turn of polishing nails. Before painting nails, clean nails with cotton wrapped orange stick dipped in nail polish remover and rub over the surface of the nail. Nothing should remain over the nail plate. Then you can polish your nails.
    Start with the center of nail plate and then the sides of the nail. Polishing should be done in three strokes. Let nail polish dry before applying the second coat.
    Before applying nail polish use

    a base coat. Then apply a color of your choice and do not apply a new coat till first one dries out. You should apply three coats of color. After applying color apply topcoat and it will give added protection and help your nail color to last longer without breaking.
    Nail polish should be kept in cool place. Fridge is the best place for it.
    Manicure is the best way to get clean, classy and elegant look for your nails. Their ultimate sophisticated feel will surely make you fall in love with them.

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